Ring Of Honor Results: Ken Dixon and Eric Martin vs. Dante Caballero and Joe Keys

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Half of the fun of being a wrestling fan is finding new wrestlers. For a lot of people, this Dojo Challenge tag match will introduce fans to the four men involved. All are from the Maryland Championship Wrestling promotion, with Ken Dixon, Dante Caballero and Joe Keys all having participated in the 2019 Top Prospect Tournament. Eric Martin makes his ROH TV debut here.

A win here won’t get either team a shot at gold, but ending the year with a big win could mean a very good 2021 to come. They all have chemistry, and have been trained by Jonathan Gresham? We’ll see these dojo kids prove they have earned their spot.

The Future Foundation Of ROH

Caballero & Martin started this match, with Caballero getting a wrist lock before being taken down to the mat by Martin. Martin wasn’t able to hold that position, but got a rollup after hitting the ropes. Caballero took him back down afterwards, but Martin got back to his feet and used the ropes to get control of the wrist. He threw Caballero off the ropes, leapfrogged over him but was hit with a flapjack.

Joe Keys tagged in and got physical with a big back elbow, before tagging Caballero in to apply a crossface. Martin was isolated until he was able to counter a suplex from Keys, nail a dropkick and tag Dixon in. The two heavy-hitters in this match squared off, with Keys hitting a backdrop before being run through with a shoulder tackle.

They showed their pure wrestling skills, with Keys catching Dixon with a rollup, and then looking for the knee bar. Dixon was able to fight free and get a pinfall attempt, then grabbing the wrist. He’d whip Keys into the corner as we went to a commercial break.

Joe Keys and Dante Caballero Show Great Chemistry

Coming back into the match, Martin would slam Keys into the mat, Martin being fully isolated in his opponents corner. Keys threw some big lariats at Dixon to try and break the wrist control, but ended up caught by Martin instead. Martin was slammed right into the mat, and Caballero tagged in.

Being the fresh man in the match, he was able to get some major offense with a facebuster into a ripcord elbow strike attempt, but Dixon got a blind tag into the match! Not giving up control, Caballero got the crossface, which was broken by Martin. Martin was dropped with a single leg dropkick, but Caballero forgot about Dixon who hit a snap powerslam.

Dixon & Martin hit a reverse powerslam and a pumphandle suplex, but Keys dropped Martin with a crossbody right into the pinfall. Keys came in and unloaded forearms on Dixon, before dropping him with a lariat and a tilt-a-whirl neckbreaker! Going up top, Keys hit a flying headbutt, but couldn’t get the pinfall right away. Instead, he locked in a half crab on Dixon, who reached the ropes.

A big German Suplex followed, and wanted the high angle crab. Caballero stopped Martin with a spear, and Dixon tapped out. Were you impressed by these ROH Dojo students? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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