Ring Of Honor Results: Mark Briscoe Unveils His New Tag Team Partner

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The Briscoe Brothers are the greatest tag team in ROH history, but are going through a rough patch right now. They can’t agree on where to focus, with Jay Briscoe off picking fights with guys like EC3, and ignoring that ahead of Final Battle, he & Mark have a shot at the ROH World Tag Team Championships. However, with his twelfth tag team championship so close, Mark Briscoe just needed to find a partner.

His brother might be busy, and that’s alright in the end, they’ll be teaming together again soon. In the meantime, Mark Briscoe found someone crazy enough to team with him. This is a man with decades of tag team experience, a former ROH World Champion, and a very dangerous man.

Who Is Crazy Enough To Team With Mark Briscoe?

During this week’s episode of ROH TV, Mark would catch fans up on the situation, with a box draped in Christman ribbon in the background. Inside, was the man who would help him win those tag team titles. He’s written to Santa Clause, asking for what he’s always wanted for Christmas. His own personal monster.

Out of the box pops none other than the French Canadian Frankenstein himself, PCO. They’d yell in excitement, and this is a tag team that no one will want to step across the ring from. Jay Briscoe & Brody King would usually keep them leveled in their respective teams, Now, they’re just going to be unhinged.

PCO Has Been Doing Great In ROH

Since coming to ROH, the ageless Canadian has been a force to be reckoned with. Around this time last year, he was gearing up to face RUSH for the ROH World Championship at Final Battle, and was able to win that match. He’d only reign for a short time, but that caped off his 33 year career.

Now, everything else is just gravy. At 52 and wrestling a dangerous style, his career won’t last forever. This partnership with Mark Briscoe could get him his second ROH World Tag Team Championship, and sixth in his career, being a one time NWA & three time WWF tag team champion.

Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal are great wrestlers, but will they survive these madmen? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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