Should Kevin Owens Get Another Shot At The WWE Universal Championship?

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This past episode of Friday Night Smackdown saw a huge WWE Universal Championship defense. Champion Roman Reigns defended against Kevin Owens, who is proving to be one of his greatest rivals as of late. It’s already being praised as one of the best Steel Cage matches fans have seen in years, with both men excelling in hard hitting matches.

However, in the end, it was the interference of Jey Uso who would use handcuffs to pacify Owens which allowed Roman Reigns to simply walk out of the cage. This mirrors the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match where Uso was what helped Reigns maintain his hold on the championship. After being screwed out of the championship twice, should Owens get a third chance?

Completing The Trio Of Matches At Royal Rumble

After two incredible matches from Kevin Owens & Roman Reigns in such a short time, few would complain about finishing off this trilogy at the next WWE PPV event. Royal Rumble is just over a month away, and while there is plenty of time to start a new feud over the WWE Universal Championship, it’s also plenty of time to bring this feud to a finish.

Kevin Owens has more than enough reason to be angry, and to ask for another title match. Twice now having potential victory ruined by the meddling of Jey Uso. He has proved he’s every bit as tough as Roman Reigns, but just can’t fight off more than one man at a time. Very soon, Jimmy Uso will be back as well and then Reigns might be unstoppable.

Kevin Owens Could Bring In Allies To Ward Off Jey & Jimmy Uso

Seeing as barring Jey Uso from ringside would be useless if Jimmy Uso will be back soon. Kevin Owens hasn’t had any help yet, but he does have allies nearby who will come to help when called. Watchers of NXT & 205 Live will now be familiar with the French Canadian tag team of Ever-Rise. Matt Martel & Chase Parker are old friends of Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn both, but have been seen in backstage interviews with Owens as of late.

They are tough as nails, and louder than just about anyone else in the game. However, should Owens come calling, they’re just over at the WWE Performance Center. If Owens gets another chance, he might need them to help even the odds.

Even if this feud simply ends with Reigns proving he can beat Owens without help at Royal Rumble, it will be a satisfying ending to their feud. Do you think Owens deserves a third shot at the WWE Universal Championship? Could he win it finally? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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