Stardom To Be Involved At NJPW Wrestle Kingom 15 On Night Two

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Last year, STARDOM was able to make history when some of their top names made their Tokyo Dome debuts. This was during a dark match for Night Two of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom 14, and saw  Arisa Hoshiki take on Hana Kimura & Giulia.

Despite how 2020 ended for these names, with one tragically not seeing the end of the year and two retiring, that match was a bright spot for STARDOM. It might have only been due to also being a BUSHIROAD downed company like NJPW, but it showed hope. This year, we’re getting another showcase match at Wrestle Kingdom 15.

Sadly Stardom Likely Only Gets Another Dark Match

While many hoped that this year the Stardom match at Wrestle Kingdom could get televised, when the news broke it mentioned it would be a dark match once again. The fans in attendance will get to see it, but we won’t be seeing it on the stream for Wrestle Kingdom on NJPW World, Fite TV or anywhere else.

We will hopefully see it uploaded to Stardom’s streaming service this time around, but don’t hold your breath about this. After all, we’re still waiting for last year’s match to be added there or anywhere for that matter. It hasn’t yet been announced who will be in this match, but we can assume Mayu Iwatani will be there as she’s Stardoms ace, and Bea Priestley will already be on hand as she’s part of The Empire in NJPW.

Another Step In The Right Direction

2020 was a year ripe with tragedy for Stardom, mainly stemming from the death of Hana Kimura and numerous retirements. Despite this, everything keeps on moving and they’re set to take the world by storm this year. They’re in the Tokyo Dome once again, they’re building up their roster, and will look to run bigger and bigger venues in the new year as they gain popularity. 

As NJPW changes and opens their doors to working with companies like Impact Wrestling once again, it’s not hard to imagine them working with Stardom more. It really would help add some variety, and even a company that honours tradition as heavily as NJPW could use that.

Do you think that 2021 will be a big year for Stardom? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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