UFC News: YouTuber Jake Paul Calls Out UFC Legend Conor McGregor

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Social media users were stunned on Tuesday morning, as they woke up to a vicious attack on Conor McGregor by YouTuber Jake Paul. The social media star claimed that his team had sent a $50 million offer to the Irishman to fight Paul, before the 23-year-old went on to insult McGregor’s fiancé and then UFC President Dana White.

It was a stunning attack by the YouTuber, who has only recently gone 2-0 in the boxing ring after beating Nate Robinson by KO in the second round at the Staples Center.

UFC News: McGregor’s Rival Responds

There has been no word yet by the Irish UFC star, but one of his greatest rivals Nate Diaz has come out and attacked the YouTuber. Paul’s latest comments came just days after White revealed that there was no chance that McGregor would be sharing the octagon or the boxing ring with Paul. However, the video certainly got the attention of the first man to beat McGregor, as Diaz admitted that he needed to stop speaking out of term otherwise there would be a ‘real fighter’ would hurt him.

However, it does seem unlikely that Paul will be willing to give up on the fight in the MMA world, which means that he could continue to call out some of the biggest names in the sport. He may end up regretting trying to pick a fight with either McGregor or Diaz though, as either one of the stars have the ability to do serious damage to the YouTuber.

UFC News: Is Diaz More Likely Than McGregor?

McGregor is already scheduled to fight against Dustin Poirier at the beginning of January, which was something Paul alluded to in his video. However, Paul must be getting confused with views and followers having a direct impact on ability in the ring, as he stated that he would be a deserving opponent for McGregor instead of Poirier. Clearly not.

McGregor’s next opponent after that is reportedly going to be Manny Pacquaio, which would be a massive fight between two legends of the sport and not a social media presence in sight. Therefore, the most likely chance that Paul has of getting an opponent in the octagon will be Diaz, but it’s hard to imagine a fight lasting that long when they come together.

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