What Happened To Indus Sher In WWE NXT?

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A few months back in WWE, history seemed ready to repeat itself. Much like The Authors Of Pain once did, a new set of brutes would take NXT by storm. Indus Sher was set to be the next big thing. They didn’t have a legendary manager like Paul Ellering, instead having a modern great in Malcolm Bivens behind them.

Sadly, outside of a few squash matches, they’d accomplish very little in NXT before being pulled off TV alongside Bivens, who only would appear in the crowd and background since then himself. This has had many asking, what exactly happened to Indus Sher?

Saurav Gurjar Spoiled The Biggest Match In NXT TV History

Earlier this year, WWE brought back The Great American Bash for NXT. Night one was live and headlined by RAW Women’s Champion in a non-title match with NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai, which was a big match. This was still dwarfed by the next planned main event, which was a winner takes all match between the NXT North American Champion Keith Lee, and longest reigning NXT Champion Champion of all time, Adam Cole.

It was a match of epic proportions, one that fans were excited for. Sadly, it was taped and that comes with a risk of spoilers. Even on a closed set, that can be the case, as one half of Indus Sher, Saurav Gurjar would post a picture of Keith Lee standing over Adam Cole with both titles onto Instagram, for just long enough. This led to him having to apologize backstage, and millions of fans knowing how this huge match would go. Fans still tuned in, but that wasn’t enough to save Gurjar. Afterwards, Indus Sher was quietly removed from TV.

Indus Sher Simply Were Not Ready For This Chance

Even without this incident of major spoilers, there were doubts about Indus Sher. While they could do a heavyweight tag team squash match against jobbers wonderfully, we never got to see them in an actual tag team match. Both men were still fairly new to the ring, and it showed in how they moved around. Maybe if given the chance, they could have shown some talent, and WWE could have had a strong tag team on their hands.

What really hurt Indus Sher was NXT’s live event circuit being shut down due to COVID-19. If they had a chance to work in front of crowds without being on TV, to refine their skills and work off fan feedback to improve, it would have worked wonders. But instead, they were rushed to TV before they were ready, one half made a huge mistake, and that was the end.

They still both remain in WWE, but haven’t been on TV in many months. Do you think Indus Sher will ever get another chance in WWE? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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