Wrestling Salvage Yard: Mortis

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In this Wrestling Salvage Yard we’re looking at a WCW gimmick with the best gear design and a talented wrestler behind the mask: Mortis! 

Mortis: Chris Kanyon’s WCW Ascension 

Before taking on the Mortis persona, Chris Kanyon had a construction worker gimmick in the Men At Work Team—or the Beverly Brothers of WCW.  

Men at Work was an act going nowhere so you usually saw them on B-shows or getting eaten alive on a major TV show.  

There just wasn’t anything here and it was honestly a WWE gimmick that got on the wrong plane and decided to chill in Atlanta. 

However, Chris Kanyon wasn’t a wrestler going nowhere. When Glacier needed some mortal enemies to combat, WCW came up with the Mortis and Wrath gimmicks. 

Never mind Wrath—Adam Bomb in WWE prior to this—Mortis was it. First, the gear was pretty damn badass including the mask.  

Second, since he was feuding with Glacier who was being pushed, Mortis came in on equal footing as a rival and got to show more of what he could do in the ring. 

Surprise! Kanyon could do a lot in the ring. Apparently, he and Wrath even took some martial arts classes to fit what Bischoff was trying to do with this trio of gimmicks. 

Kanyon did what could be done with the gimmick until the Glacier project ended up being a bust. It didn’t stop his momentum as he continued wrestling as Mortis until his feud with Raven and The Flock in 1998. 

Salvaging Mortis 

The best way to end the gimmick would’ve been to have Kanyon discard the mask as being cursed. That would’ve allowed WCW to reuse the gimmick on different wrestlers in different weight classes. 

Basically, give it the Tiger Mask or Suicide treatment. If we’re starting from how Kanyon ditched the mask, just have someone find it in the trash and work the gimmick then book their rise up the card. 

Just have the gimmick passed around on guys with potential but no creative direction. Sometimes it might hit, others it won’t. 

Hell, it probably could’ve hit so well on one guy that they would run with the mask longer. There were definitely some uses left to the gimmick—more so than the Black Scorpion even! 

If WWE has the rights to the Mortis gimmick, then creative needs to dive into the library then check the roster for a suitable guy to use it. Who knows what wrestler might actually pop with it? 

Salvage Potential: High 

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