WWE 205 Live Results: Bollywood Boyz vs. Ever-Rise

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Last week on 205 Live, The Bollywood Boyz made their way back to 205 Live in a winning effort over Ever-Rise. This win came by use of their Bollywood camera, which was smashed off the head of Chase Parker. Ever-Rise are sick of being attacked from behind and being cheated out of wins, so we will see them let out some rage tonight on their fellow Canadians, who have an even bigger camera this week!

Textbook Tag Team Wrestling

This one started off with a big brawl, Martel going after Sumir & Parker going after Sunil. There was no dancing or fun from Ever-Rise tonight, they were focused now, and instantly cut the ring off and beat Sunil down in their corner. Double arm wringers and fist drops were their weapons of choice, but Sunil is crafty and was able to get the tag to Sumir.

Sunil thought it’d be wise to throw Parker into his corner, but Sumir got an elbow to the face. Bollywood Boyz quickly turned this into a positive, as Parker had missed the tag and went back after Sunil, allowing Sumir to trip Parker up. Now in control, they’d stomp a mudhole into the French Canadian, and had some time to showboat between tags.

A big double suplex got a two count, and we were seeing a more focused Bollywood Boyz as well as Ever-Rise. Sunil would apply a tight rear chinlock, and Parker was unable to get back to his feet.

Ever-Rise Dig Deep

Martel would start a chant to get Parker back into this one, but as quick as he broke the hold, he took a spinning heel kick. Sunil held Parker back as Sumir went up top, but brother met brother.

Parker had his chance to make the tag, and carried Sumir on his back in a sleeper hold into the corner to break the hold. Matt Martel was back in this match, and had a fire inside. Martel would go right to work on Sumir in the ring, taking Sunil out in the process before hitting a beautiful dropkick to the face.

Parker came in and they hit their drop toehold into an assisted elbow drop combo, messing it up a bit but getting the impact all the same. A double flapjack into the corner stunned dubbed ‘The French Connection’ dropped Sumir for the three count.

Ever-Rise have actually won a match against established talent. Did you ever think you’d see them win? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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