WWE 205 Live Results: Chase Parker vs. Sumir Singh

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Over the last few weeks on 205 Live, we’ve seen some fantastic tag team matches between Ever-Rise & The Bollywood Boyz. Just last week, they met in a Tornado Tag match, with Ever-Rise winning after a double flapjack onto exposed steel. This was to Sumir Singh, who this year just wants payback… but in a singles match this time! Chase Parker will represent Ever-Rise, in just his third singles match on 205 Live! Sumir isn’t known for singles either, but was in the Cruiserweight Classic.

Sumir Singh Gets Heavy Help From His Brother

Parker would be distracted by Sunil as the bell rang, allowing Sumir to get the early edge. It didn’t last long as Parker got a big dropkick to Sumir, before being dumped to the outside. When Parker tried to re-enter the ring, Sumir would stomp him into the mat before pulling him up by his hair. Again, Parker was thrown to the outside, but Sumir distracted the referee and this time Sunil put the boots to Parker.

Martel had seen enough and would run Sunil down with a lariat before stealing his Santa Hat. Back in the ring, Parker would finally get control of the match briefly, but Sunil was back up, ran a distraction and Parker took a rope assisted neckbreaker before falling to the outside. A snap suplex on the outside took Parker’s breath away, and another in the ring got a two count.

Chase Parker Refuses To Quit

Sumir went up top and hit a elbow strike, before applying a chinlock in the middle of the ring. Parker fought back to his feet, but was dropped with a backbreaker. Sumir again went to the ropes, dove off but only found a boot in his face when he came to the end. Parker fought back with some big right hands before being locked in a sleeper hold. Sumir would be fought off by being run into the corner, and even when he reapplied the hold, Parker didn’t quit.

Parker sent Sumir sternum first into the turnbuckle, and finally had a chance to catch his breath! He followed up with a slingshot into the corner, before a jawbreaker into a low enzuguri. Sumir went to the ropes, was tripped by a sliding Parker who slingshotted himself over the top with an elbow drop. Sunil tried to take over the match and sold like he was Sumir, but the referee saw through this Bollywood acting, and got kicked out. Sumir was flapjacked into the corner, and Parker gets his first singles win in WWE!

Should Sumir & Parker stick to tag team matches? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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