WWE 205 Live Results: Curt Stallion, August Grey & Ashante Adonis vs. Legado Del Fantasma

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In a rematch from the web exclusive dark match of NXT Takeover: War Games, Curt Stallion is joined by August Grey & Ashante Adonis to face off with the entirety of Legado Del Fantasma. Stallion has a shot at Escobar coming soon, and just wanted to speed that process up, as Escobar is still avoiding the rookie.

Curt Stallion Gets Santos Escobar

Adonis would get things started with Mendoza, and got control with an early wristlock. Mendoza took things to the corner, and broke the hold before hitting a knee to the gut and grabbing the headlock. Adonis fought free and turned the hold around before being shoved off and coming back with a shoulder block.

The pace got moving and he’d keep pace with Mendoza, Wilde and Escobar getting involved but remaining strong and would send everyone out. Stallion tagged in and tried to dive onto Escobar, but took a knee to the side of the face and tumbled to the outside.

He wanted Legado Del Fantasma, and now he’s isolated in their corner and Escobar was happy to beat his downed challenger with hard strikes. As fast as he came in, he was back out for Wilde to pick up the bones. He’d lose Stallion, and Grey would tag in and immediately regain control of the match.

An innovative gutwrench powerbomb for a two count, before Mendoza came in and was rolled up for another two count. Grey was flowing until he was tripped over the top rope thanks to Escobar. This is how fast they retake control, and they’ll slow things down.

Legado Del Fantasma Loses Control

Quick tags in and out kept Legado Del Fantasma rested, Escobar getting a suplex as Wilde dove in with a springboard splash for a near fall. Grey tried to fight up, but Wilde nabbed the cravate to shut him down. Another innovative move for Grey, as he hit a reverse flapjack, and was able to tag in Stallion.

Showing his Texas Strong Style, he threw heavy stikes, nailed a German Suplex, and set the Shibata combo up with the big boot in the corner. However, he’d dive through the ropes when getting speed for the hesitation dropkick, taking out Mendoza as Escobar watched in shock. The dropkick landed, as did the foot stomp into the DDT, getting a two count.

Stallion went up top, but kept his eyes on Escobar before the diving splash. Mendoza saved in before being cut off by Adonis, and everything broke down into a brawl. Grey was taken out by Escobar, Wilde & Mendoza went for the finish on Stallion with the high/low, but Wilde was tripped up and Stallion got the roll up for the win.

After this match, Legado Del Fantasma beat Stallion down again. Do they finally see him as a threat? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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