WWE 205 Live Results: Ever-Rise vs. Bollywood Boyz [Tornado Tag Team Match]

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When it comes to all time great trilogies in professional wrestling, I have my doubts this series of matches between Ever-Rise & The Bollywood Boyz will rank even in the top 100. Despite this, their matches have been quite fun, and they’re tied 1-1 at this point.

Bollywood Boyz took the first win, and Ever-Rise came back fast with a win in the rematch. Ever-Rise are dedicating this one to the head of their table in Kevin Owens, who will probably claim they won no matter the actual result of this match, which has a Tornado Rules & No DQ ruleset! All men are legal at all times, and the only way to win is by pinfall or submission, and both teams are serious here.

Bollywood Boyz & Ever-Rise Get Serious

As soon as Sunil & Sumir hit the ring, a brawl ensued but Ever-Rise took the advantage after countering an attempt to throw them into each other failed and led to clotheslines in the corner. Martel went after Sunil & Parker after Sumir. Bollywood Boyz got the ring and used the high ground to their advantage. Sunil would go after Parker in the ring, throwing him into the boot of Sumir.

A jawbreaker and a middle rope bulldog only got a one count, and Sunil pulled off a turnbuckle pad, perfectly legal here. Parker would be saved by Martel before he was slammed into it, before Martel was again knocked outside and Parker took a spinning heel kick. A double suplex attempt saw another save from Martel, and this time he’d stay in the ring, and hit a big double lariat.

Sumir was crotched on the top rope, and hit with a back elbow to send him outside. Martel was alone with Sunil and taking full advantage as he hit a backbreaker just in time for Parker to hit a knee lift to the head. Ever-Rise lost control after a kick to the face of Martel, everything spilling to the outside as Sumir hit a springboard moonsault.

Exposed Steel Comes Into Play

Back in the ring with Martel, they tried to set up Bollywood Blast but Parker stopped it. He’d battle with Sumir on the top rope before taking a superplex, and Sunil hit the elbow drop soon after. Martel again saved the match.

With all men down in the ring, it was just a matter of who got up first. Sunil rolled out of the ring as Sumir blocked a German Suplex attempt from Martel. However, Sunil was grabbing their camera and whacked Martel in the head with it, all legal here. This one was almost over, but Parker made the save.

Sunil was unable to get back in the ring, and Parker went after Sumir. They’d end up in the exposed corner, Sumir getting some punches on Parker. Martel however was back to his feet, and Ever-Rise got The Sweet Taste on exposed steel to get the win.

Did Ever-Rise prove themselves as a serious team in this match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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