WWE 205 Live Results: Mansoor vs. Raul Mendoza

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In 2020, there’s been an unbeatable force of nature on 205 Live. Mansoor has a 7-0 record on the brand this year, with six of those wins coming in singles action. Despite this, he’s never gotten a chance to become the NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Sick of being overlooked, he’s now taking the fight to Raul Mendoza of Legado Del Fantasma, to get the attention of Santos Escobar himself. These are two of the most underrated names on the brand, and this should be a fantastic match.

Raul Mendoza Is The Technical Assassin

Mendoza would be out-sized, but brought his opponent to his level with a wrist lock. They’d go to the mat, and Mansoor tried to target the knee of Mendoza, as that would slow down his fast paced offensive abilities. Mendoza would show off by taking Mansoor down and flip off him, before being taken with an armdrag. The pace picked up as Mansoor hit a springboard armdrag, and a 619 into an armdrag soon after, sending Mendoza to the outside. When he’d followed, Mendoza drove him into the barricade and apron, before dumping him on the apron with a backdrop.

Mendoza launched himself over the rope onto that hurt lower back, before launching some shoulder thrusts in the corner. Mansoor was being thrown all around the ring, but countered a knee strike into a Dragon Screw leg-whip. He was unable to follow up, as he went to the middle rope and was yanked off and landed hard on his lower back.

Mendoza hit a snap suplex and floated over for a two count, before going back into the corner to beat Mansoor down. A chop would rattle Mendoza, before he just kicked his way back into control. Mendoza was getting confident and hit a big dropkick to the face which was covered by the Legado Del Fantasma T-Shirt. A kick-out at two was followed by Mansoor getting fired up, throwing the T-Shirt at Mendoza and now this one gets interesting.

Mansoor Digs Deep

Mendoza hit a dropkick, and applied a Cobra Clutch on the mat, but this just gave Mansoor a chance to fire up as he fought out of this hold. This might have been his last chance to get this match in his favour, and after being thrown into the corner, he dodged a running spear, and Mendoza got nothing but steel. Mendoza got back into the ring and battered with strikes.

An inverted atomic drop into a spinebuster was followed by a running lariat in the corner and a diving bulldog. Mendoza rolled out of the ring but took a big dive, but kicked out at two when thrown back into the ring. Mansoor set up Sands Of time, but Mendoza countered out, hit a knee to the face and a lionsault right onto that lower back. Mendoza pulled Mansoor back up into an attempt at a swinging side slam, only to find himself hit with a Destino.

He’d kick out before having a modified Sharpshooter applied to that hurt knee, but manage to reach the ropes. There was too much damage to set up Sands Of Time, and Mendoza nailed the swinging suplex and went up top. Mansoor dodged the splash attempt, rushed in for a lariat but ended up on the apron, only to slingshot over into a neckbreaker for the in!

Should Mansoor be right after Curt Stallion for a shot at the NXT Cruiserweight Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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