WWE 205 Live Results: Tony Nese vs. Jake Atlas

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Everytime that Jake Atlas steps into the ring, he somehow gets better. 2020 was a great rookie year for Atlas in WWE, getting his start with a great run in the latest Cruiserweight Championship tournament. 2021 looks to be even more promising, but not if Tony Nese has anything to say about it. This former champion has a recent loss to Atlas, and is not too pleased about being shown up by a rookie. Nese gets a chance to end 2020 on a high note with revenge in this one.

Tony Nese Is Still Trying To Prove It’s His Show

There would be no lockup to start this one, Nese instead going right to strikes with a spinning kick to the gut. He’d slam Atlas and throw him out of the ring, and send him face first into the 205 Live logo on the announce desk. This is still the Tony Nese show in his eyes, and he’s proving it.

That is until he got back in the ring, and Atlas took control with some chops and an attempted pinfall attempt with an O’Connor Roll. Nese would counter out and trip Atlas up. He missed an elbow drop and Atlas got a running hurricanrana and followed up with more strikes. Nese was grabbed in a headlock but countered out with a back suplex, and went for another to punish Atlas.

He’d toy with Atlas at this point, taking his time with chops and suplexes, not really wanting to go all out and finish this one. This is the mistake that keeps Nese on the losing end. He took time to pose on the corner before a missile dropkick, got caught by Atlas and slingshotted right into the turnbuckle. This got Atlas a near fall, before he was run through with a back elbow.

Nese needed to keep this pressure, throwing Atlas into the corner and taking him out with some clubbing blows. Despite having Atlas right where he wanted him, Nese was taking time to taunt and talk trash. Another back suplex got Nese another two count,

Jake Atlas Is On A Roll

Atlas was thrown into the corner again, but this time tried to shift the match back in his favor by getting his boot up. Nese hit the flying hotshot into the springboard moonsault, another near fall before applying a tight side headlock. Atlas fought free, avoided a back suplex and got a big pump kick before taking Nese down with a big lariat.

A snap german suplex and a hard forearm shot would be followed by Atlas going up top and being stopped. Nese carried Atlas into the middle of the ring and wanted the inverted piledriver, but Atlas fought to the corner and turned this into a Sunset Flip bomb.

A running flatliner and an attempt at the Rainbow DDT, but Nese cut Atlas off the top rope to save himself. Nese wanted the Running Nese, but Atlas got up, and instead Nese went for the cactus clothesline, both men tumbling to the outside, and Atlas almost lost via count-out.

Frustrations seemed to get the best of Nese as he grabbed a steel chair, but the real attack with Daivari behind the referees back. Atlas was shoved into the ring post and set up for the 450 Splash, but he got his foot on the bottom rope! Nese tried for the Running Nese, got hit with a pumpkick, the flatliner and the Rainbow DDT to close this one out.

Will Jake Atlas become WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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