WWE NXT Results: Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream

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In the last few months, Kyle O’Reilly has arguably become the top dog in The Undisputed Era. They don’t have a leader though, and Adam Cole made this clear when he punched Velveteen Dream in the face when he called Cole nothing more than a cheerleader now. He’ll make it even more clear when he kicks Dream’s ass in the ring tonight.

Velveteen Dream Wants Mind-Games

The mind-games started early from Dream, who wanted to keep the pace slow. Cole was fine with this and got a headlock on Dream, and Dream then threw some strikes once free. This became a slugfest, and was begging for them to pick up the pace.

Dream taunted on the mat and took a pump kick to the face, before being sent into the corner. He caught a charging Cole with a boot to the face, but took a jumping neckbreaker soon after. Dream almost got dropped with a Death Valley Driver, but slipped off Cole’s shoulders to the apron.

He was wiped out with a Pump Kick, flopping to the ground. At this time, Pete Dunne ran to ringside and beat down Roderick Strong, hitting a Bitter End onto the apron. This took the attention of Cole away from Dream, who used his shirt to try to behead Cole with a lariat, but only got a near fall.

Adam Cole Shows Why He’s A Top Name

Through a picture in picture break, we saw Dream hold the pressure on Cole by any means necessary. When we got back to full screen, Dream would slam Cole and look for Purple Rainmaker, but he missed when he soared through the air.

Cole now had a big rebound chance, hitting some lariats before a pump kick into the Ushigoroshi for a two count. He’d get the Florida Keys combo, but again only get a two count. Dream got the comeback using the ropes to attack the windpipe of Cole, before hitting a neckbreaker for a near fall of his own.

Cole got hammered in the corner with blows, but when Dream went for a springboard, he got a superkick to the back of the knee. Dream still managed to get to the top rope again to try and dive on Cole who was outside, but took a superkick to the gut which took him out of the sky.

Last Shot Of The Night

Cole could have gotten a count out win but wanted to end this one in the ring. He’d nail the Superkick and apply the Figure Four Leg Lock, but Dream got to the bottom rope. Dream got a rollup for a two count, hit the DreamDT and tried again for Purple Rainmaker, he got all of it for a two count.

Cole tried to get the comeback with Panama Sunrise but got countered. He’d manage to stay in it, set up and nail Last Shot for the win. Is Adam Cole going to get back on top in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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