WWE NXT Results: Bronson Reed vs. Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott

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Last week, Bronson Reed made his return to NXT after months away. He made quick work of recent 205 Live regular Ashante Adonis, winning with the Tsunami Splash off the top rope.

Reed looks to continue his winning ways this week, but Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott won’t make it easy on Reed. Both men need more wins in 2021 to get to a championship level, and a win here sends them forth with more momentum.

Swerve Is Getting Mean

The bell would ring and Reed quickly grabbed a headlock on Swerve. Swerve tried to send him off the ropes, but was clearly outpowered. Reed took Swerve down to the mat, and Swerve was able to slowly work his way out and into a triangle choke.

Swerve was thrown to the mat and sent outside the ring. Reed came off the apron with a diving shoulder tackle, and Swerve feigned injury in the corner once back in the ring. He came out of the corner after baiting Reed in with a chop block, and nailed the House Call kick to the head.

Reed slipped outside and took a pump kick to the head, and was sent right back into the ring. Swerve was just keeping Reed down, and got the diving elbow to the back. Reed was isolated in the corner, and Swerve trapped the left knee in the ropes and hit the dropkick, before getting a flatliner for a two count.

Bronson Reed Is In For A Big 2021

Swerve was playing the game perfectly, now targeting the left knee of Reed. Reed was getting fired up through these attacks, and countered a sunset flip attempt by just sitting down onto Swerve. Now in control, Reed hit a running back elbow, before a body splash in the corner and a chokeslam into the middle of the ring.

Reed wanted a German Suplex, but Swerve fled to the ropes and hit a headbutt on Reed. Unlike Jake Atlas last week, Reed just got fired up by this and took Swerve down. One Tsunami Splash later, and Reed gets a win to close out 2020.

Will Bronson Reed become a champion in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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