WWE NXT Results: Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Imperium

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Last week, The Grizzled Young Veterans returned to NXT with purpose. After eight long months away, they want to get back to where they left off. The first ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions almost made it all the way in the latest Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, losing in the finals to Pete Dunne & Matt Riddle. Last week, they jumped Ever-Rise, but this time Ever-Rise got a proper chance to defend themselves.

Or atleast that was the plan. Before the match could start, Marcel Bartel & Fabian Aichner of Imperium took Ever-Rise out. Chase Parker & Matt Martel were thrown over the barricade, and Bartel took the microphone and asked what the hell Grizzled Young Veterans were doing in their division. This one turned into Imperium vs. Grizzled Young Veterans. We already had some 205 Live style action, why not some NXT UK?

NXT UK Time!

Aicher would pull Gibson into their corner, and Bartel would tag in and start beating him down. Bartel lost the advantage when Drake saved Gibson from hitting the correr, before tagging in and seeing why Imperium is feared. It might not be WALTER, but Bartel hits just as hard. Drake was starting to get isolated, and Aichner came in just to nail a huge back suplex, before choking Drake with his boot in the corner.

Aicher went for a big suplex, but Drake stumbled out and tagged in Gibson. Gibson would hit some cheap shots on Aichner & Bartel, before being locked in a double wrist lock by Aichner. Even when Gibson got moving, he was caught on the shoulders of Aichner and thrown to the mat. They’d both tumble over the top rope on a hip toss attempt and crash to the outside, as we go to a commercial break.

Imperium Show Their Power

Coming back from the break, GYV would work together to finally take Aichner down, with Gibson throwing him into a spinning heel kick from Drake. Finally finding their groove in this match, GYV started to shake off the ring rust for a second, with them almost cutting off the ring before the power of Aichner came into play again.

Gibson would be launched into Imperiums corner, sandwiched with kicks and hit with an Air Raid Siren for a near fall. Bartel took Gibson down with a Double Underhook Suplex, before going for a dive, and getting a chop to the short, but Bartel gave Gibson a recipt. Aicher was around the for tag, but Gibson was alone.

Ever-Rise Are Still Alive!

A spinebuster into a PK into a slam would all but beat Gibson, before a rolling fireman’s carry into moonsault would let him counter with knees. Drake was back into the match, and nailed Aichner with an enzuguri, before taking him up top. Aichner fought his way down, and Bartel pushed Drake into a suplex from Aichner, an incredible show of power.

Gibson made the save, and would throw Bartel out. GYV would control the ring, for a moment, before Bartel took Gibson on the outside. Aichner sent Drake out and dove onto everyone. Ever-Rise came back, and beat everyone down, clearly mad about what happened earlier. This one ends in a DQ, and maybe Ever-Rise are finally going to be taken seriously.

Who would have won this match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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