WWE NXT Results: Pete Dunne vs. Kyle O’Reilly

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Kyle O’Reilly is finally showing fans in WWE what ROH, NJPW & PWG fans have known for years. He’s the real deal in both tag team and singles wrestling, and showed that in his incredible match with Finn Balor and an intense ladder match with Pete Dunne.

Now he meets Dunne again, but this time in a straight up fight. Winner moves onto Finn Balor at New Years Evil on January 6th, and this one could match the quality of Takeover main events. There will be no commercial breaks either, WWE knowing this is something special.

A brawl between Lorcan & Burch, Dain & Maverick, Undisputed Era & Breezango made sure this was truly one on one too.

A Human Game Of Chess

This match started with some fast strikes before O’Reilly took this one to the mat. Dunne is no slouch there, and would get the modified Bow & Arrow but gave it up for an early pinfall. O’Reilly would come back with a full mount and try to gain control, but Dunne was ready for this.

Back to their feet, Dunne sent O’Reilly for a run of the ropes before dropping him with a lariat. O’Reilly went outside and Dunne tried to hit the moonsault off the apron but missed. Dunne would try for the X-Plex, and O’Reilly countered into a choke. He’d be flung off, but they traded strikes and nearly both got counted out.

Back in the ring, O’Reilly got the better of the exchange and kicked Dunnes leg out from underneath before sending him outside. Dunne proved to be the better brawler and took control. Back in the ring though, he’d try to play the submission game and this was more evenly matched.

They’d go back and forth on holds, but Dunne attacking the back won out as he went back to that Bow & Arrow stretch. Again, he’d let the hold go, but maintained the advantage. O’Reilly had his arm wrapped around the ring and stomped, but almost got back into this with a dragon screw.

Pete Dunne Is Vicious

Instead he’d be hit with a snap German Suplex, but countered the first attempt of the match at the Bitter End. A front choke nearly turned Dunne’s lights out, and a quick knee strike stunned Dunne. O’Reilly waited far too long and was hit with the X-Plex.

Dunne would target the arm again with some nasty bending of it, but also stomp the previously broken rib of O’Reilly. He’d hit a neckbreaker and apply another submission on the mat, trapping most limbs. O’Reilly was able to free himself and buy himself another opening with a knee to the stomach.

Dunne almost stopped him in his tracks with a running forearm, but would be quickly chopped down with strikes. O’Reilly got the double underhook suplex, and hit two before the DDT for a near fall.

Dunne tried to get moving and hit a moonsault but was cut down on the top rope. O’Reilly went up for a top rope German Suplex, but Dunne landed on his feet and O’Reilly was trapped in the Tree of Woe and stomped.

Kyle O’Reilly Goes The Distance

The pace slowed down with Dunne looking to wear O’Reilly down with a front chokehold, and along flung him into the corner. They’d end up on opposite sides of the post and have a tug of war until both were battered and down. O’Reilly tied for a takedown but took a knee to the jaw and a powerbomb.

Dunne would trap the arm, stomp the head and apply a armbar, O’Reilly barely rolling to the ropes. A Gotch Style Piledriver was set up, but O’Reilly slipped out into an armbar. Dunne countered into an ankle lock, O’Reilly turned it around, before Dunne got the double wrist lock but O’Reilly countered that! This exchange ended with a headbutt from Dunne, but O’Reilly came right back with a brainbuster.

O’Reilly hit the Axe & Smash, knocking the mouthpiece of Dunne out. A jumping knee and a Regal-Plex got a two count, and Dunne tried to get his mouthpiece back but O’Reilly stomped the hand and applied a kneebar. Dunne was quick to counter into a triangle choke and tried to break the fingers.

O’Reilly slipped out and nailed a PK, but Dunne leaped to his feet to stomp the hands of O’Reilly. Dunne would look for Bitter End on the apron, but was countered into a suplex. O’Reilly sent Dunne in, hit the diving knee drop and we’re getting Balor vs. O’Reilly II at New Years Evil.

What. A. Match. Kyle O’Reilly is doing the best work of his career, and Pete Dunne feels like he has yet to truly hit his peak. If these two remain major players in NXT come 2021, expect them to run the NXT Takeover events. I give this one a 4.5/5 (**** 1/2) rating.

Will Kyle O’Reilly win this second battle with Balor? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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