WWE NXT Takeover WarGames IV Results: Shotzi Blackheart, Ember Moon, Rhea Ripley & Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, Toni Storm & Raquel Gonzalez [War Games Match]

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When you destroy someone’s tank, it’s a declaration of war. That is what happened when Candice LeRae decided to destroy the beloved tank of Shotzi Blackheart, due to frustrations surrounding Halloween Havoc. LeRae quickly assembled her team, bringing in Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez & Toni Storm. Along the way however, she made enemies in Rhea Ripley, Ember Moon & Io Shirai, who have joined Shotzi Blackheart.

WarGames is always chaos, and this will be no exception. Team Blackheart gets the advantage after winning the ladder match, but will that be enough? Last year, Rhea Ripley was able to win with just Candice LeRae backing her up, and this year she has the lunatic captain, a former NXT Women’s Champion, and the reigning champion. LeRae has last year’s turncoat, Big Mami Cool and a recently turned heel Toni Storm, yet have left them laying one after another on the build.

Will they be ready when the siren blares and it’s time for war?

Dakota Kai & Ember Moon Start The Fight

It was decided that Dakota Kai would start the match for Team LeRae, she’s the best stamina wise and has been itching to get into WarGames since she threw her chance away last week. She will have five minutes of singles action in the cage, before it becomes a handicap match. Blackheart would shoot a foam missile at the ring from her new tank, before it was decided that Ember Moon would step up to start this match. Embers Law says she must prove herself, so why not start WarGames!

Kai would bait Moon in to get the first strike, before trying to choke the life out of Moon. If she can take Moon out in the next five minutes, she won’t be overwhelmed. Moon was able to break free and hit some big strikes to get her engine going. Kai got the scorpion kick, and would use the cage as a face grater, and just keep the pace steady, she has a long fight ahead.

Moon would do the same, but was able to hit more big blows like a suplex into the cage followed by a rib crushing crossbody to sandwich Kai. She’s getting reinforcements soon, so can burn some energy off. Kai tried to go to kick, but was blocked. The Kawada Kicks would suffice, before also being able to hit the Kairopractor. Kai neutralized Moon with 8 seconds before backup, and here comes Blackheart.

Blackheart Brings The Weapons, Raquel Gonzalez Brings Her Power

Before going into the ring, Blackheart grabbed a crowbar and a tool box and threw them in before attacking Kai. Blackheart was fresh and launched hard strikes to send Kai looking for breath on the ropes, and then hit the senton. Moon was showing some life in the far ring, so it was two on one until someone could help her out. Blackheart would grind Kai across the steel, but she wouldn’t stay down until she took a Doomsday Device from Moon & Blackheart.

Finally Kai got backup, and it was her enforcer, Raquel Gonzalez. She’s the biggest woman in the match, but it was two on one for the moment, and if Kai doesn’t get back up, it could be three on one. Gonzalez would win the fight with her power, slamming Moon into the mat and powerbombing Blackheart into the cage. She’d use Kai as a weapon, swinging her around on her shoulders to hit Blackheart.

Kai was feeling better after a breather, and it’s becoming clear Gonzalez was made for this type of match. Gonzalez would serve as a launch pad as Kai dove from ring to ring, but reinforcements were coming. Who could match the power of Gonzalez? Don’t forget the battle of the badasses.

Battle Of The Badasses Round Two

Rhea Ripley would hit the ring, and Gonzalez smiled because she knew a good fight was coming. It was three on two, and Ripley could focus on Kai while Moon & Blackheart took Gonzalez down and tried to control her. They would hit some big blows, and Ripley grabbed a mallet from the toolbox and started to beat Kai into the mat. Next, she’d pull her belt off and trap the arms of Kai, headbutt her twice and throw her into the cage.

Gonzalez and Ripley were the only women standing, and they’d enter No Man’s Land between the ring and slug it out. They just brawled, but it was time for another member of Team LeRae to come. Who knows Ripley better than anyone? Her old rival Toni Storm hit the ring with some kendo sticks and hit a German Suplex on Ripley. She exposed a few turnbuckles, what’s a bit more steel in this match.

Ripley was thrown spine first into the exposed corner, leaving her laying. Team LeRae was controlling the ring again, but they knew Shirai wasn’t far off and had to do what they could to press this advantage. They used the kendo sticks, but everyone was left laying after two Towers Of Doom fell.

Io Shirai Dives Into The Fray

Shirai would grab a ladder for the ring, what’s even MORE steel in this match. But Gonzalez would try to close the door and not let the NXT Women’s Champion in, kicking the door at her. This was a minor inconvenience, and Shirai grabbed a second ladder, and was sent into the barricade again.

She’ll get in eventually, but it means Team Blackheart doesn’t get much four on three time. Shirai threw some chairs in, before throwing one to Gonzalez and kicking it into her face. Gonzalez still kept her out of the cage, being a great bouncer.

Storm would hold the door shut with a belt, and Shirai tried to climb into the cage and was kicked off. LeRae would leave the cage, and meet Shirai outside. Indi Hartwell attacked from behind and alongside LeRae got more weapons in the ring. Hartwell locked the cage door and stole the key, and now it was four on three for LeRae. The match can’t start until Shirai enters the ring, but they can beat the other three down and potentially make it four on one.

Blackheart would be beaten with Kendo Sticks and stomped into the mat, but couldn’t be pinned. Moon & Ripley fought valiantly, but here comes their savior. The Genius of the Sky, with a trash can, and on top of the cage. She put the can on dove in like a missile. Welcome to the Match Beyond.

The Match Beyond

Now that everyone was in the ring, this match can actually end, and Shirai was cleaning house like a champion should. Blackheart got back up, Ripley was fired up, and Embers Law says never quit. They’d take out the enemy one by one, including Gonzalez as she was held back and hit with a dropkick, then a moonsault. Her team broke the pin, and it’s going to be hard to pin anyone in this chaos/

Moon was ready to beat Storm with a monkey wrench but LeRae got her in the Gargano Escape, and stole the wrench while setting it up. Blackheart responded by trying to submit Storm, and LeRae stopped to save her partner. LeRae would be beat down by a steel chair, Kai attacked Blackheart, and Shirai dove onto Kai before taking a kick to the face. The trash can was put over the head of Shirai and stomped into her body with a double stomp, and Moon had to save.

Moon and Kai started this match and were still going strong, until Kai was hit by an Eclipse onto two steel chairs. Storm broke the pin up and dropped Moon with Storm Zero onto a trash can. Shirai & Ripley would team up on Storm, Ripley applying the prism lock and Shirai nailing the dropkick, but this only got a two count.

Blackheart was trying to set a ladder up, but was stopped by LeRae. The captains brawled once the ladder was set up, and LeRae fell onto two steel chairs. LeRae tried to block with a steel chair, but Blackheart jumped anyways, an eye for an eye. In the far ring, Ripley slammed Kai into the mat and Shirai hit a moonsault, but Storm broke the pinfall. Gonzalez woke back up, and would powerbomb Shirai through a ladder set between two rings. She’d get the pinfall and win the match for Team LeRae.

Will this pinfall put Raquel Gonzalez next in line for Io Shirai? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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