WWE NXT UK Results: Alexander Wolfe vs. Joe Coffey

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Since NXT UK started back up, Alexander Wolfe of Imperium has had an issue with Gallus. Tonight, he finally gets a chance to do more than scowl at them, as he steps into the ring with The Iron King, Joe Coffey. Coffey is just coming off a big win over Sam Gradwell. This is sure to be a great match between two of NXT UK’s best, and a win here for Coffey could set up another crack at WALTER.

Alexander Wolfe Is The Better Wrestler

Wolfe went right for a double leg takedown, looking to show Coffey that he rules this sacred mat. Coffey fought hard, but was unable to out wrestle Wolfe, and was taken down again once he got to his feet. Wolfe almost got a head and arm choke, but Coffey finally fought free.

Another takedown took Coffey down, but he was quick back to his feet and nailed the closed left hand punch to stagger Wolfe. He can’t out wrestle him, but can he outbrawl him? Some rowdy strikes would nail Wolfe, and that’d let him drop Wolfe with a backbreaker, his first big move.

More punches in the corner would send Wolfe down, before Wolfe got up and cinched Coffey in close. When the official asked for a clean break, she’d instead have the hand of Wolfe go behind her head for a clever cheap shot to the face of Joe Coffey.

With Coffey staggered in the corner, Wolfe unloaded some strikes of his own, before whipping him into the ring by his arm. Coffey tried to fight back, but now his arm was being taken down to remove those punches and the discus lariat. Another whipping throw into the middle of the ring, and Wolfe settled into a submission.

Joe Coffey Won’t Give Up

Coffey wanted to resist the armbar, but when he linked the hands, Wolfe would calmly break the hold. The arm would be wrenched back, and Coffey fought his way up before nailing a suplex. Wolfe would try to stomp on the arm, but have his legs pulled out from underneath, and Coffey hit two shoulder tackles and the Belly to Belly Suplex.

Blocking out the pain Coffey would hit the Stinger Splash, before hitting the blind springboard crossbody, and then just slamming Wolfe into the mat. He’d try to beat Wolfe into submission, and grabbed the single leg crab, but had issues stepping through and getting Wolfe over. Some kicks to the head staggered Coffey, and let Wolfe break free.

Wolfe went for the Death Valley Driver, but couldn’t get Coffey up. Coffey ran in for the Glasgow Sendoff, but took a knee to the head instead. A twisting suplex would get a two count for Wolfe, before he went for the German Suplex, but was run into the corner.

Refusing To Quit

Coffey went for the springboard crossbody again, but was taken out the sky with an uppercut. The Death Valley Driver hit flush, but Coffey somehow kicked out at two! Coffey was still talking trash when beaten down, and made the comeback with some desperate strikes. A boot to the face from Wolfe was followed with the Deadlift German, but Coffey kicked out again.

Wolfe had one more big play in his book, the powerbomb. He’d set it up, but Coffey countered and sent Wolfe to the mat. Coffey got some distance, and hit the Best of The Bells to the back of Wolfes head, who fell to the outside. That gave Wolfe a chance to get his bearings, and he got his foot on the bottom rope.

Wolfe would bring this fight to the apron, but be sent back in with a lariat. Coffey took a second too long to catch his breath, and took an enziguri, before being pulled up by his beard. That’ll fire anyone up, and he slingshotted over the rope with a shoulder tackle. He’d nail the Glasgow Sendoff, another lariat to the back of the head, before finishing this epic match with one more Best of The Bells.

Joe Coffey has a fire lit under him once again, and is looking like the man who dominated ICW once again. Could he build himself back up for another crack at WALTER? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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