WWE NXT UK Results: Aoife Valkyrie vs. Aleah James

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The NXT UK Women’s Division is heating up, with Kay Lee Ray remaining on top while holding onto her championship through a feud with Piper Niven. Now, it seems like Jinny is next in line, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is on standby until that match happens. Aoife Valkyrie is looking to get her shot, and tonight she faces the rookie Aleah James to keep herself nimble for when her time comes.

Aleah James Is Good At Dodging

They’d lock up, but Valkyrie grabbed a tight headlock. When shoved off, she came back with a strong shoulder tackle. James went for a dropkick and missed, but dodged a spinning heel kick from Valkyrie. Valkyrie was impressed by that dodge, but when they locked up again, another headlock.

This time, she threw James off into the ropes and went for the kick again. James again dodged and went for a hurricanrana, with Valkyrie rolling through and getting a roll up for two. Valkyrie would end up in a headlock next, and when lifted up James would use her weight to maintain the hold to the ground.

James had a second to grind Valkyrie down, before they ended up back on their feet and she was thrown into the corner. She’d dodge a charging Valkyrie and the spin kick again, this time with a matrix dodge, but a low sweep to the arm sent James onto the back of her head. A dropkick would follow, but only a two count.

Aoife Valkyrie Soars

Valkyrie would trap James in the middle of the ring, using her legs to pull the arms of James back in an unnatural manner. James was pretty far away from the ropes, but held on through the pain. This isn’t an easy hold to maintain, so Valkyrie let it go, knowing damage was done.

She’d move over into a pinfall, but only get two. Valkyrie would hit a kick, but James slipped to the outside for a springboard, and while she missed she did manage to hit a dropkick. She’d block a kick from Valkyrie into a Northern Lights Suplex, getting a two count.

Ready to put this one away now, Valkyrie hit that next gear and unloaded with some overhand strikes, before nailing the spin kick. The running neckbreaker was next, and Valkyrie went high, nailed Peripeteia for the win, and continued her winning ways.

When will Valkyrie get her shot at the NXT UK Women’s Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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