WWE Raw Results (11/30) – Cedric Alexander w/MVP and Shelton Benjamin Defeated Xavier Woods w/Kofi Kingston by pinfall

Alexander hit a Lumbar Check for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned as Kingston and Woods entered the ring and went on to recap how they’ve beaten the Hurt Business three times.

They were then upset that the Hurt Business came out to interrupt their rendition.

MVP told them they need a wakeup call and he said they’re actually 2 and 2, citing when the New Day was counted out.

He added that the next time they put the championships on the line, their reign will be a distant dreams.

Alexander promised to hurt Woods and make this match his nightmare.

Alexander then jumped Woods before the bell rang and beat him down and took his belt.

Alexander is his own man

Returning from commercial, the match was in progress with Woods beating Wods, who still had his t-shirt on.

Woods beat him pillar to post before locking in an arm lock that Alexander fought out of with a couple of rights.

Woods chopped him down when he came off the ropes, then hit s dropkick throjgh the ropes when Alexander went to the floor.

Alexander caught Woods entering the ring and carried him over and drapped him over the ropes, then hit with a kick before choking Woods with his shirt.

Alexander hammered on Woods, the locked in a reverse chin lock.

Woods fought out of it with some elbows and a snapmare, but Alexander kept going back to a chin lock that Woods broke with a jawbreaker.

Woods hit several chops and slid under Alexander and hit with a forearm shiver and reverse kick.

Woods hit another kick and hung Alexander on the middle rope for a slid over him.

Woods headed back in the ring and hit an Honor Roll for a near pinfall.

Alexander countered a power bomb with a brainbuster for a near pinfall.

Alexander landed several kicks to Woods’ back, and Alexander hit with a kick to the midsection while Woods was on the apron.

Woods countered Alexander’s suicide dive through the ropes by guiding Alexander into the barricade, but after Woods threw him into the ring Alexander hit a Lumbar Check for the pin.

After winning, Alexander headed up the ramp while MVP and Benjamin were left in the ring wondering what he was doing.

Styles and Riddle clash

Backstage, AJ Styles was with Jordan when Riddle came up to them

Styles asked what he wanted and said it was serious, and Riddle said he knows it’s serious but he never won it.

He added that Styles had won it but lost it and referred to Styles being called Skipper, named after his rabbit because Styles is super furry, great jumping ability, and super cute like his rabbit.

Styles smacked him, asking if that was cute and Riddle promised to get him back later.

WWE Raw Results are convince Riddle is trying to mess with everyone’s minds. Wonder who will be the first to underestimate him?

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