WWE Raw Results (11/30) Dana Brooke Defeated Reckoning w/Mustafa Ali by Pinfall; Drew McIntyre Reminisces

Brooke rolled Reckoning up for the win

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WWE Raw Results aren’t huge fans of promo heavy segments, but it’s good they threw a match in here.

The Miz and Morrison were backstage where they were asked about how their plans to break McIntyre and Sheamus up backfired and do they have a strategy.

Miz said hey do, citing that McIntyre has Styles and Sheamus to worry about, including the MITB contract.

It was pointed out he was just running off a bunch of facts and no plan, and he and Morrison left.

Dana Brooke vs. Reckoning w/Mustafa Ali

Reckoning started it off with a dropkick, but she missed Brooke in the corner and Brooke pummeled her, and when Reckoning fell to the mat, Brooke continued it before going for a pin attempt.

Reckoning hit with a clothesline out of the corner, and she then chopped away on Brooke before she snapmared her over and hit with a kick to the back and locked in a stretch hold.

Reckoning switched to a chin lock, but Brooke fought out of it and hit a jawbreaker and a bug boot.

Brooke hit with a pair of clotheslines and a somersaulting reverse elbow.

Ail climbed onto the apron to distract Brooke, but she sidestepped Reckoning’s kick and rolled her up for the pin.

After the match, Ali yelled at Reckoning that she failed him and that there’s no failure in Retribution.

This is going to be interesting to WWE Raw Results can’t wait to see how this works out.

AJ Styles is in

Backstage, the Miz and Morrison approached Styles and Jordan to celebrate with a peach pie.

Styles told then to cut the crap and that he knows they want his help. He said he’ll help them, and that caught Miz off guard, so he asked why he’s so eager.

Styles told him it’ll be easier to beat him at TLC than McIntyre, and Morrison agreed.

Styles told him he’d see him out there and had Morrison leave the pie. It was huge and Jordan said it was a cupcake.

WWE Raw Results found Riddle backstage as he was approached by MVP, who asked him what happened. He said his attempt to face the WWE Championship unlike Bobby Lashley after MVP blew his chance.

It devolved into a confusing miss match of words from Riddle that R-Truth would be proud of.

Riddle offered some ideas about them opening a lawn care business and teaming with Dunkin Donuts.

MVP told him he and his ideas were ridiculous and he’s glad he lost. MVP shoved him and Lashley jumped Riddle from behind and slapped on the Hurt Lock.

Once Riddle was out, Lashley let him go and he and MVP laughed at Riddle on the floor.

Sheamus is warned

Sheamus was getting ready when Keith Lee came up to him. Sheamus asked what he wanted, and Lee said it’s none of his business, but he and some of the fellows were worried about him turning on McIntyre.

Sheamus told him he was none of his business, and he had to go join his tag team partner.

McIntyre revisited

In the ring, Kayla Braxton introduced her guest, Drew McIntyre.

She asked him to talk about the last two weeks when he defeated Randy Orton and then his match against Roman Reigns.

He said it’s good to be standing there as WWE Champion again.

He added that he promised to Claymore Orton and win the title, and he did. He said he also promised to humble Reigns, and he did that.

He said Reigns’ eyes showed he was confident, but that look changed to confusion and then fear as McIntyre kept kicking out.

He said their paths will cross again and Reigns may have won the battle, but he’ll win the war.

He then said he wants to look ahead to TLC, and Braxton said he knows he’ll face Styles and asked how he’ll prepare for Styles with the Miz running around.

McIntyre promised his and Styles will have a phenomenal match, and told Miz the MITB contract is the only thing keeping him relevant.

He said if he cashes it in, then he’ll have to fold up Morrison and stick him up where the sun doesn’t shine.

So, McIntyre is using the Rock’s lines now? Interesting.

WWE Raw Results thinks this was a pretty good promo, but we’re stuck on their constant pushing of the main event tonight and the last two weeks. It just feels way off.

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