WWE Raw Results (11/30) – Slapjack w/Mustafa Ali Defeated Ricochet by Pinfall

Slapjack hit a spinning suplex for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned and Keith Lee was warming up when Riddle came up to him and asked how excited he was for this opportunity.

Riddle sounded like he got a little too much sugar and caffeine heading up to this, and he rambled on to the point Lee left him hanging.

Back from commercial, we saw Retribution’s promo from three weeks ago where Mustafa Ali called Ricochet a fool but they’d welcome him when he understood.

Then tonight, Ali asked why can’t he see what Ali sees that he’s pushing the same boulder up the hill every week.

He added that every lie he’s been told has been told to every member of Retribution, and added why he can’t see he should be standing next to them.

Slapjack said Ali saw him for what he is and accepted him after the world turned their back on him.

Ali said that since Ricochet refused to join Retribution, Slapjack will make him see the consequences of that decision and then maybe he’ll see what Ali sees.

Ricochet vs. Slapjack w/Mustafa Ali

The match started with Ricochet ducking under Slapjack and hitting a crossbody off the ropes, and followed that with several strikes before throwing Slapjack into a corner and following him in with an elbow.

Slapjack dropped him with a right, then threw Ricochet into the corner, but Ricochet caught him with a big boot and back elbow.

Slapjack pulled him off the top rope and hit with a cannonball for a near pinfall.

Slapjack then worked Ricochet’s neck, but Ricochet fought to his feet and Slapjack drove him into a corner.

Ricochet hit with a kick and then a dropkick and then a forearm off the ropes.

Ricochet followed that with several strikes and hit a clothesline off the top rope, then a shooting star for a near pinfall,

Mace and T-Bar came out to pull Slapjack out of the ring, and Ricochet took them out with a crossbody over the top rope and threw Slapjack into the ring.

Ali called out a warning to Slapjack when he was spun around and slapped by Dana Brooke for what Reckoning did to her.

Slapjack tried to roll Ricochet up, but he kicked out, then took out Mace and T-Bar on the apron before Slapjack hit a spinning suplex for the pin.

WWE Raw Results are torn on this one as it was a fun match, but we’d like to see this without all of the interference.

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