WWE Raw Results (11/30) – Symphony of Destruction Match – Jeff Hardy Defeated Elias by Pinfall

Jeff hit a senton through a table for the win

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WWE Raw Results think this should be interesting with various instruments and music stands around the ring that appear to be usable.

The match was then introduced with a recap of their feud since Elias’ return to the ring last month.

It got under way with Jeff catching Elias’ kick and then landing several rights before Elias countered and threw Jeff off the ropes.

Jeff hit with a clothesline to send Elias over the top rope, then with a swinging dropkick through the ropes before he followed Elias to the floor and grabbed a violin.

Jeff tried to leap off the ring steps to hit Elias with the violin, but Elias countered with a knee. This was a pretty cool move and WWE Raw Results loved it.

Elias went after Jeff and bounced his head off the apron before he picked Jeff up on his shoulders and dropped him onto the apron again.

Elias then slammed Jeff’s head into a grand piano but he saw the top moving and knocked.

R-Truth popped out of his hiding place with the 24/7 Championship in hand.

Erik and Akira Tozawa ran out and hurdled Jeff, but Jeff caught Drew Gulak in a backdrop and Elias hit Gran Metalik with a clothesline as he tried to run passed him.

Lince Dorado came out to help Metalik, and Elias broke a guitar over his back, and Jeff broke another over Gulak’s back as we headed to commercial.

Standard Hardy

Back from commercial, the action return to the ring where Elias continued to pound on jeff, but Jeff fought back and hit an elbow coming off the ropes.

Jeff then hit an inverted atomic drop, a double leg drop, a dropkick, and a splash for a near pinfall.

Jeff went for a Twist of Fate that was reversed into a Drift Away that Jeff fought out of, so Elias threw him into the ring post and went for a pin attempt.

Elias pulled a ring out a bunch on guitar picks out of hit pocket and placed them between his fingers, then hit jeff with a couple of rights with them.

Elias then ground the picks into Jeff’s face and Jeff rolled out to the floor.

Elias bounced Jeff’s head off a drum, then hit him with the drum sticks to the “Shave and a haircut” tune.

Elias then threw him into the ring post, but Jeff dodged a knee strike and Elias went into a gong.

Jeff hit him with a clubbing blow and threw him into the drum kit and barricade. Jeff hoked him with his foot, then threw Elias into the ring.

Jeff picked up a guitar, but Elias caught him with a kick and then sent him into the corner. Elias picked him up on his shoulder, but Jeff countered with a hurricanrana.

Elias then went for the guitar, and Jeff countered with a double boot and climbed to the top rope.

Jeff tried to hit a Whisper in the Wind, but Elias hit him in mid air with the guitar and went for the pin, but Jeff grabbed the bottom rope to break the pin.

Elias pulled Jeff further into the ring for another pin attempt, but Jeff kicked out and rolled to the floor.

Elias picked up the broken guitar neck and asked Jeff if he wanted to end his career. Elias then went to stab him, but Jeff dodged it and Elias stabbed an amp and was electrocuted (while holding a wooden guitar neck. Just saying.)

While Elias was stunned, Jeff hit him with a base and then bounced his head off the ring steps a couple of times before putting him on a table with a violin and other instruments on Elias’ ribs.

Jeff climbed to the top rope and hit a swanton, sending Eias through the table.

Jeff then pinned Elias to maybe end their feud. This match had so much potential, but it doesn’t feel finished to WWE Raw Results. We don’t see Elias moving on until it’s proven one way or another.

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