WWE Raw Results (12/21) – VIP Lounge Championship Edition- Angel Garza Defeated Drew Gulak by Pinfall

Garza hit a wing clipper for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned as the Hurt Business came across a stage hand wearing a New Day shirt and ripped it off his back and Shelton Benjamin put a Hurt Business shirt on him instead.

Championship Edition of the VIP Lounge

Once in the ring, MVP called for a champagne celebration for the new tag team champions, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin.

He followed that with an official introduction of the Hurt Business being in the VIP Lounge.

Benjamin and Alexander said they showed they’re better than any tag team in the back.

Alexander took it over and with an impressive promo before Lashley guaranteed that there isn’t a man alive that can beat him for the United States title.

MVP said he invited a photographer to commemorate the moment and they assumed their positions.

Behind them, R-Truth posed on the top rope for the picture as well, and the rest of the mid card ran out and chased him to the stage and through the Christmas trees that were set up.

Jeff Hardy’s music played as the Hardy Bros (jeff Hardy and Riddle) came out.

MVP told them they weren’t invited, and Riddle congratulated them on the big win, but he felt they were doing something wrong.

He said they didn’t need to buy expensive bottles of Champagne and should just relax with the homies and listen to Joe Rogan or watch a Dave Chapelle Show.

He added there’s no reason to spread negativity because they’re all self aware carbon matter on a rock hurling through space.

MVP cut him off, saying no one knows what he’s talking about and asked why he’s there.

Jeff said he’s saying there’s more to life than status and money, and they’d rather die full of their pride rather than live a life of greed.

He said if they’re going to fight Lashley and MVP, they’ll have to face them with something that can’t be bought. Their pride.

Drew Gulak vs. Angel Garza

Prior to the match, Garza romanced his interviewer backstage as he’s ramping up his character after being MIA for a couple of weeks.

Garza made Gulak wait so he could remove his pants, and used then as a distraction so he could get the jump in him, but Gulak fought back and hit a sidewalk slam before giving Garza a breather.

Garze threw him into the corner and hit a right hand, the caught Gulak’s kick attempt and hung him in the ropes for a knee to the midsection.

Garza went for a pin, but Gulak kicked out.

Garza then attempted an abdominal stretch, but Gulak fought out of it and locked in his own.

Garza hit him in the ribs and got out of it, then hit a falcon’s arrow type of move for a pin attempt.

They then exchanged rights and Gulak threw him into the corner, but Garza caught him with a big boot.

Garza then held onto the ropes when Gulak tried to roll him up and hit with a superkick, and followed it with a wing clipper for the win

This was an impressive showing by Garza. Looks like he’s got a new more aggressive approach that WWE Raw Results think will prove fun to watch as he climbs the ladder.

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