WWE Raw Results (12/28) – Hurt Business (MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander) Defeated The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) and Hardy Bros (Jeff Hardy and Riddle) by Submission

Lashley slapped the Hurt Lock on Jeff for the win

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WWE Raw Results tuned in as the Hurt Business came out and MVP announced that Lashley had to announce the Hurt Business’ 2021 business plan, and it’s that he’s entering the Royal Rumble.

Riddle stated off against Alexander, and Alexander hit with a knee and hammered Riddle right off the bat but Riddle fought back.

Alexander blocked Riddle’s kick and hit a dropkick, but Riddle then hit a gut wrench suplex and Alexander tagged in Lashley.

Lashley hit a shoulder block off the ropes, then caught Riddle in mid leap and hit with a suplex slam.

MVP came in and worked over Riddle in their corner, then tagged in Benjamin.

Benjamin hit a snap suplex for a pin attempt, and then drove Riddle into the corner where he hit several shoulders.

Riddle and Benjamin exchanged blows before Riddle got the upper hand and tagged in Jeff, who hit a Broetry in motion on Benjamin.

Woods came in and stomped Benjamin, and the Kingston, Riddle, and Jeff took part in a Unicorn Stampede.

Benjamin rolled out of the ring and Riddle knocked MVP to the floor when he entered the ring, and Kingston took out Alexander with a dropkick.

All four of them went after Lashley and sent him to the floor where MVP had to restrain him as we headed to commercial.

Chaos at its best

Back from commercial and the Hurt Business is in control and MVP worked over Riddle’s feet with stomps and a pin attempt.

MVP hit a shoulder and Lashley came in and hit a running spear in the corner, then he pulled Riddle to his feet and hit a flatliner for a near pinfall.

Benjamin came in and he stomped Riddle’s bare foot again and hit a couple of strikes before he worked on Riddle’s hamstring and locked in a one legged Boston crab.

Riddle reached the ropes to break the hold, so Benjamin threw riddle to the floor.

MVP laid on the floor to talk to Riddle and advise him to stay out of tap out before Riddle made it into the ring.

Alexander his a reverse suplex for a pin attempt.

Alexander locked in a reverse chin lock, then tagged in Benjamin, and then Lashley and Lashley beat Riddle on the ropes.

Alexander hit with a right, and Riddle responded with a kick and tagged in Kingston.

Kingston hit Alexander with an ax handle, knocked MVP off the apron, then dropped Alexander with a clothesline, a chop, dropkick, and another ax handle.

Kingston hit a double leg drop, but Benjamin distracted Kingston for Alexander to attempt a Lumbar check, but Kingston slipped free and Woods blind tagged in as Kingston took out Benjamin with a suicide dive through the ropes.

Alexander went for his own dive, but Woods tripped him at the rips and hit a elbow drop.

MVP interfered, and Woods knocked MVP out to the floor then hit him with a sliding dropkick off Alexander’s back.

Woods then slingshoted Alexander into the ropes while Jeff took out MVP with a splash.

In the ring, Woods hit a clothesline and tagged in Jeff, who hit a swanton but Lashley broke up the pin and then threw Woods into the far corner when he entered the ring.

Woods leaped over Lashley’s charge and Lashley hit the ring post.

MVP nailed Woods with a clothesline, and Kingston missed MVP off the top rope, so MVP hit with a boot.

Riddle then kicked MVP out of the ring, and Benjamin knocked Riddle out of the ring with a knee strike.

Jeff hit a Twist of Fate on Benjamin, and Alexander tagged in Lashley.

Jeff countered Lashley’s spear with a knee, then kicked free before Lashley slapped on the Hurt Lock for the win.

After the match, Alexander and Benjamin went after the New Day, but they slipped free and ran off as Riddle hit a Final Flash on Lashley, though Lashley stayed on his feet.

Mix and MITB reunited

Backstage, Morrison tried to coach Miz to get his mind right, but Miz said he was Mr. Money in the Bank. He reiterated was and Adam Pearce approached them.

Pearce said they look as miserable as the Cleveland Browns, and he had the MITB contract and said he’d like to throw the contract in Miz’s face, but he’s right. Only he can cash it in so he gave it back to him.

A fun celebration followed. Will this storyline never die? WWE Raw Results have a bad feeling about this.

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