WWE Smackdown Results (12/18) – Kevin Owens Gets the Last Word

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WWE Smackdown Results returned as Roman Reigns came out once again, this time with both Heyman and Jey at his side.

Once in the ring, Reigns said he’s been trying to understand why if someone had the opportunity to be in the ring with him in a championship match would they blow it.

He added it’s an opportunity that would elevate a career to the next level and get paydays, but Kevin Owens’ music played and he came out very slowly.

Jey headed out to meet him, and Owens grabbed a chair and nailed Jey in the midsection and the back, the slid it into the ring.

Reigns tried to grab the chair, but Owens was on him too fast and pounded on him and nearly hit a stunner, but Jey hit him with a superkick and Reigns connected with a spear off the ropes.

Jey pushed a table into the ring while Reigns beat Owens down with a chair, and then worked on Owens’ neck with it.

Jey set a couple of tables up while Reigns circled him and beat him with the chair.

Reigns then threw him to Jey, who put Owens through a table with a spinebuster. Key readied the second table while Reigns told Owens to take the payday and this isn’t worth it.

Owens won’t quit

Reigns hoisted Owens up and put him through the second table with a Samoan Drop.

Reigns hit Owens with pieces of the tables, burying him while Jey put other tables and ladders into the ring.

Reigns threw both ladders on top of Owens and then Jey and Reigns beat him through the tables with chairs to close out the show to a piped in chorus of “You suck!”

Backstage, Kayla asked if she could have a word with him and he said she gets one question.

Owens pulled himself out from under the pile and she scurried off.

Owens grabbed a mic and said that nothing Reigns or his family does to him will keep him down and he promised to win the Universal title or die trying.

This was a pretty good ending to a pretty good show, though it felt like they took a step back from the last two weeks.

What do you think? Let us know below, and thank you for joining WWE Smackdown Results. We had a great time and look forward to seeing you all next week.

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