Adam Pearce Thanks WWE Fans For Believing In Him

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The dream match of no one, Roman Reigns vs. Adam Pearce will not be happening at Royal Rumble this year. WWE’s current authority figure was put into and managed to win a gauntlet match on the January 8th, 2021 episode of Smackdown Live. In the process, he had a chance to become a six time World Champion, and it renewed interest in his backlog of matches, with ROH uploading his excellent match with Brent Albright from Death Before Dishonor VI in response.

However, the next week it wouldn’t be him that signed the contract for the match with Roman Reigns, but Kevin Owens. This was done with the classic “you didn’t read the contract” angle. Despite this twist, for a brief moment, fans believed in Pearce making this heroic comeback, and for that he thanked fans on Twitter.

Adam Pearce Is Not Medically Cleared

Clearly moved by the level of fan support that this potential matchup got, Pearce would be thankful for once again being amazed by wrestling fans.

“A note of gratitude to those that supported the idea of seeing me face Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble. Wrestling fans have amazed me for 25+ years and now is no different. That said, some things aren’t meant to be, and ‘not medically cleared’ is a status I wish on no one.”

Was This Match Actually Going To Happen?

This raises another question however, that if this match was actually going to happen before WWE ran some medical tests on Pearce? The Kevin Owens twist was wonderfully done, to the point where it was very unlikely to have been a last minute choice. But this bit of news seems to prove otherwise.

Owens afterall has just lost two high profile matches to Reigns, and losing a third could kill any credibility he has left. Having a cool down match between clashes with Pearce at Royal Rumble just made sense. However, there’s no use lamenting on this match, as this is clearly the best choice.

Wrestling is a dangerous industry, and some men like Nigel McGunniness and Adam Pearce just aren’t meant to wrestle for WWE. This angle brought interest to Pearce, and made him more legitimate in his role due to fans seeking out his matches.

Would you have liked to see Adam Pearce vs. Roman Reigns? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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