AEW Dynamite Results: Cody Rhodes Replies To The Challenge Of Shaq

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In a situation that has been rising for quite some time, Cody Rhodes can no longer ignore NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neil. Ever since the Dynamite after AEW Full Gear, Jade Cargill has been calling out Rhodes for ducking the challenge of Shaq. With Beach Break on the horizon, Rhodes has finally decided to address this issue. Will Shaq himself decide to answer, or just send Cargill once again?

Shaq Calls Out Rhodes On The AEW Award Show

Before Dynamite aired, AEW hosted a small award ceremony for 2020. Shaq was at this event, and took the time to call out Cody Rhodes. He’d call Rhodes a little punk, and remind him that he’s down to fight any place, any time.

If Rhodes wants a bit of the Shaq Attack? Just needs to name the time and place. Even better, Shaq wants this match to go down in March. This sets things up nicely for Revolution, provided Rhodes will accept that challenge.

Cody Rhodes Wants This Match

Alongside Arn Anderson, Rhodes would hit the ring to speak with Tony Schiavonne, and address these comments from Shaq, as well as from Cargill in the past. Rhodes would rather not respond to these comments, and instead just lay down the challenge. He’d love for this to be a mixed tag team match with him & Brandi taking on Shaq & Jade, but Brandi is currently pregnant. Life happens sometimes.

However, Rhodes will just defer to Anderson in these situations. Anderson chewed him out before they came out about taking Avalon lightly last week, and would take the spotlight here. He knows Rhodes has a lot on his mind with his growing dad brain, but on June 9th, 1985, Dusty Rhodes went thirty minutes with Tully Blanchard, hopped on a plane and saw Cody be born.

On March 7th, Rhodes will run in with eyes wide open. There’s plenty of time before that baby is born, and this match is going to be a once and a lifetime chance. Red Velvet can be his tag team partner to face Shaq & Cargill at Revolution, in the place of Brandi Rhodes.

Will Velvet & Rhodes be able to beat Shaq & Cargill? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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