AEW Dynamite Results: Hangman Page & Dark Order (John Silver, Alex Reynolds, & Colt Cabana) vs. TH2 & Chaos Project

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The current story of Hangman Page is if he will join the Dark Order or not. He’s teamed with them a few times now, including at Mr. Brodie Lee’s tribute show. Last week, he promised to give an answer for this week’s show on if he will join the faction or not.

Tonight, he again teams with John Silver and Alex Reynolds, but also Colt Cabana as they take on both TH2 & Chaos Project. This match is part of the birthday celebration of Mr. Brodie Lee’s oldest child, making it a bit more special. Who wouldn’t want to see Luther beat up on their birthday, who threatened to ruin the event, and prevented the cutting of the cake!

A Brawl To Kick Off AEW Dynamite

This match started with a huge brawl, with Page breaking it up before Silver & Angelico started the match. Angelico quickly took a flapjack into an uppercut from Silver & Reynolds, before Evans ran a distraction. Luther tagged in and got a double arm suplex on Silver, before slamming Serpentico onto him and bulldogging Angelico into a pinfall attempt.

Serpentico tagged in and applied a chin lock on Silver, who fought free only to be thrown into the corner. Silver got a flapjack to get some space before tagging Page in, who cleaned house. Serpentico jumped into a belly to belly suplex, before this broke into a big brawl. Page hit a rolling elbow on Serpentico, and Cabana hit the flying apple to take him out.

Dark Order Reigns Supreme

Angelico returned to the ring, and ran right into the Fallaway Slam from Page. He missed a dive onto Evans, before Silver dove onto Evans instead. Dark Order got Luther in place for a top rope moonsault from Page on the outside.

Serpentico was sent back into the ring, and both Silver & Reynolds hopped onto his back before being dropped onto Serpentico. Luther saved Serpentico from a big move, and he’d hit a short DDT to set up a 450 Splash from Jack Evans. Evans got powerbombed into Angelico over the barricade, and on the stage Lutcher got sent face first into the cake after being whacked by the kendo stick of -1.

Back in the ring, Silver & Page hit a Buckshot Lariat/German Suplex combo, and Reynolds got the rollup for the win.

Will Hangman Page Join?

After the match, Silver would ask Page the question on the everyones minds. He took a knee, and popped it. Will Page join the Dark Order? He would say “I can’t” but a major celebration kicked off, and Silver had to wave it off.

Page was having a ton of fun, but he’s done the group thing before and got burned. It’s not them, it’s him. Can Page ever accept friends again? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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