AEW Dynamite Results: Jon Moxley vs. Nick Comoroto

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We haven’t seen Jon Moxley wrestle since he lost the AEW World Championship to Kenny Omega in December of 2020. Since then, he’s been mainly showing up to attack Omega, regardless of how much backup Omega has come with. Tonight, Moxley will get back into the ring for a match however, and looks to start 2021 with a win.

His opponent is Nick Comoroto. Comoroto was released from WWE in mid-2020 and has been in AEW since November. He’s faced the likes of Will Hobbs, Darby Allin, Jungle Boy and Scorpio Sky on AEW Dark, but tonight is his Dynamite debut.

Sadly, odds on getting a win are very very low, as he drew Moxley as his debut opponent, who had a 93% win percentage in 2020, going 29-2, with 22 of those wins coming in AEW.

Nick Comoroto Lasted Longer Than Expected

Comoroto started by shoving Moxley, showing why he was the only one to sign up for this match. Moxley took him into the corner and threw some chops, picking away his bigger opponent. He’d go for a running crossbody on Comoroto, and be caught in a quick powerslam. Comoroto would follow up with some strikes in the corner and a backbreaker. A second backbreaker would leave Moxley stretched over the knee of Comoroto, before freeing himself and biting his opponent.

Moxley ran into a Ushigoroshi, getting a two count. Comoroto telegraphed a charge in the corner, but met only the turnbuckle. Moxley threw some hard midkicks, before going for a vertical suplex and failing to get him up. He’d get a German Suplex, but the lariat didn’t phase Comoroto. Comoroto went for a big samoan drop, but Moxley got the sleeper hold in and it was lights out within seconds of them hitting the mat.

Jon Moxley Has Something To Say

This was a star making performance for Nick Comoroto, taking a man like Moxley to the limit like that. After the match, Moxley took the microphone and had something to say. Wednesdays are getting crazy, and he doesn’t care who’s in Bullet Club, who’s in Impact Wrestling, it just makes it more fun. More bodies, more violence, more necks to break, Mox loves it. The bigger the mountain, the sweeter the top is, and he’ll reach the top before long. All roads in professional wrestling lead through him.

Can Jon Moxley regain his championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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