AEW Dynamite Results: Matt Hardy & Private Party vs. Matt Sydal & Top Flight

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Private Party has been on an upward trajectory since aligning with Matt Hardy. He’s taken them to Impact Wrestling, where last night they became number one contenders for the tag team championships held by Gallows & Anderson.

Tonight, he leads them into a match with Matt Sydal & Top Flight, with Top Flight potentially being the only team to match Private Party in youthful skill. Sydal seems to be looking to mentor Top Flight as well, so we will see which veteran Matt is able to be a better coach.

Matt Hardy Has Made A New Private Party

Quen got this one started with Dante Martin, shaking hands in a sign of respect. They traded hip tosses, before Dante nailed a dropkick. Kassidy tried to rush in, and Darius took him out with a dropkick , then Hardy fell as well. Sydal tagged into the match, and they did a triple leapfrog into a spinning heel kick from Sydal. Top Flight went for… something involving a Monkey Flip and it didn’t work at all, and Quen was pinned by a non-legal man. It’s clear they need more work, but the raw talent is all there.

Sydal got things back on track with a standing skytwister press, and Hardy refused to let Quen tag out and told him to get aggressive first. Kassidy got aggressive as well, but they ran into a triple boston crab from the opposing team. Hardy snuck in for a cheap shot, before Private Party set Sydal up for a big diving crossbody.

Sydal was getting isolated in the Hardy Party corner, and with this new aggression from Kassidy & Quen? It was harder than ever to break. Hardy got a near fall after dropping Sydal on the top turnbuckle, before applying a sleeper hold. Sydal broke that with a jawbreaker, but failed to break isolation. Quick tags in and out kept Sydal trapped throughout the entire break, but it wouldn’t last forever.

Top Flight Get Cheated

Sydal would counter a double suplex from Private Party, and got the tag to Darius Martin for a big hot tag. He’d think on his feet and take out everyone in his way, getting a spanish fly on Kassidy and sending Hardy over the top rope. Darius nailed him with a fast suicide dive, and Private Party failed to get Silly String as Top Flight had them scounted. A leapfrog splash nailed Kassidy, and Dante got a near fall on a european clutch.

Hardy tagged in and nailed a big Side Effect on both members of Top Flight, then caught Sydal with one as well before trying to pin everyone at once. Quen badly danced into a kick for a two count, before Sydal tagged Dante to have him hit a hurricanrana for a two count. Top Flight went for the finish but was stopped by Matt Hardy shoving them away. The referee was distracted, Kassidy used a chair and Quen nailed a Shooting Star Press for the win.

Can Private Party become champions in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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