AEW New Years Smash Results: Abadon vs. Hikaru Shida [AEW World Women’s Championship Match]

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Few people have been able to shake Hikaru Shida like Abadon has done consistently. Ever since their first match on AEW Dark, you could tell Abadon would eventually become an issue for the champion. Tonight, that is exactly the case, as Shida makes her first title defense of 2021 against AEW’s Living Dead Girl.

Abadon Wanted Blood, And Got It

Before Shida could even make her way down to the ring, Abadon had already attacked. Thankfully, Shida never leaves home without a kendo stick, and gave Abadon a nice whack on the head. Abadon just sat right up, and tried to bite the neck of Shida again. The bell would finally sound, and Shida almost got her arm bitten after Abadon masterfully got wrist control.

Shida got Abadon down to the mat for a dropkick, and finally got her entrance gear all off. Abadon would have her neck stomped as Shida set up that running knee lift, but the leg was caught and the thigh bit! She has Shida scouted, showing that she’s not as insane as she looks. Blood was drawn, and Shida was thrown into the barricade. Shida was yanked under the ring by Abadon, and the referee went under to look for them.

Abadon came out, but Shida didn’t, and there was blood on the mouth of Abadon. Shida would crawl out from under the ring, with her neck gushing blood. Abadon unloaded with forearms in the corner before getting a sit out facebuster. Shida fought back, but was having a hard time making the comebacks.

Hikaru Shida Pulls Through In The End

Abadon nailed a clubbing clothesline, and Shida had to get rough to make the comeback, grabbing the hair of Abadon and slamming her head into the mat. The clubbing blows from Abadon kept coming, before going to a neck claw. She propped Shida on the ropes, but stumbled out of the ring when she came in. Shida jumped off the middle rope with a crossbody, then pounding the head into the barricade.

Abadon was taken from the apron to the top rope for the superplex, but she bridged up and spooked Shida. The Gory Bomb was set, but Shida rolled through into a pinfall. One Tamashi knee strike and Abadon was down for the three count. We might never see another match like this from Shida, and I don’t know how I feel about that.

This was by no means a wrestling classic. It was a gross brawl, a match style we can expect Abadon to master as she gets better. However, the story was fun as hell, and Shida again showed she’s a top babyface for AEW in the end. Match Rating: 2.5/5 (** ½)

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