AEW New Years Smash Results: Brian Cage vs. Darby Allin [TNT Championship Match]

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Ever since Brian Cage came to AEW in mid-2020, he’s had issues with Darby Allin. Tonight he finally meets Allin in a one on one encounter, which will be for the TNT Championship. Cage has Team Taz in his corner, but Allin has Sting lurking in the shadows.

This one is nine months in the making, and Allin has been dealing with bullies like Cage his whole life. Will Hobbs was banned from ringside for this match, leaving just Ricky Starks & Hook at ringside for Team Taz. This choice was made by Tony Khan himself, as Team Taz has been a bit too active in matches where they shouldn’t be lately. It’s Allin’s first defense of the championship, which he won at All Out 2020.

Brian Cage Obliterates The Champion

Allin quickly struck with a low dropkick, stumbling Cage to the outside where he nailed a dive. A second dive saw Cage catch Allin in a suplex, dropping him on the outside. Back in the ring, Allin was nailed with a short arm lariat, and Cage would pick him up and throw him from the ring and through the timekeepers table. Allin was picked up in a suplex, carried up the stairs and tossed back into the ring.

Cage was like a cat playing with a caught mouse, and the blood was coming from the head of Allin. Allin was nailed with a running uppercut and enziguri, before a big german suplex and a toss into the corner. Some closed fists to the head of Allin would pummel him as we went to the final commercial break of the night.

Darby Allin Does Not Quit

Coming back from the break, Allin finally got a boot to the head of Cage before taking an F5, but Allin kicked out at one. He’d be pulled up into a powerbomb, Cage nailing three in a row, and Allin would just flip Cage off. A powerbomb over the top rope to the stage would come next. Allin got back up, and was brought into the ring with a superplex, but again, Allin kicked out at one.

Cage would grab the steel steps and set them up by the ring before pulling Allin to the apron. Allin fought free and hit a dropkick, Cage holding onto the ropes but having his fingers bit. Cage crashed onto the steel steps, and then be hit with a coffin drop, crushed between Allin and steel! Allin threw some slaps in the ring and went for the springboard coffindrop, before grabbing his belt and tieing up the legs of Cage. Cage got pummeled briefly, before being nailed with a Code Red.

Another shotgun dropkick from Allin and a double foot stomp, and Hook ran a distraction while Starks attacked Allin. Sting would appear and attack Starks with a bat, and watch as Allin nailed a crucifix bomb off the second rope on Cage for the win. Allin used the weight of Cage to his advantage!

This was a car crash type main event, and showed the sheer power of Cage, but also that Allin can take a superhuman amount of punishment when needed. Sting & Team Taz played their roles well, as did Cage & Allin. Match Rating: 3/5 (***)

Who will challenge Darby Allin next? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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