AEW New Years Smash Results: Cody Rhodes w/ Snoop Dogg vs. Matt Sydal

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Despite their first match together happening twelve years ago, Cody Rhodes & Matt Sydal haven’t met in singles action before. That changes tonight, as they both look to start the year with a big victory. It will be a match of respect and skill, a rarity in AEW these days, where most singles matches are grudge matches. Sydal comes into this one on a six match win streak, while Rhodes got Snoop Dogg to sing his entrance music. You can decide who the bigger winner is leading into this one.

Matt Sydal Shows His Speed

An early lockup showed that Rhodes has the power edge, while Sydal has the speed. A high roundhouse kick from Sydal and a back elbow led to a sloppy springboard armdrag, but Rhodes was sent into the corner. A running kick from Sydal sent Rhodes crawling outside after a two count, where he was caught with the Diving Meteora from Sydal. Sydal hurt his knee on the way down, and Rhodes caught that as well.

Back in the ring, Rhodes hit the throat thrust, before being thrown over the top rope. He tried to skin the cat, but was kicked in the face on the way back in. This one spilled to the outside, and Rhodes accidentally punched Serpentico in the face. Luther was angry, but couldn’t really do anything about it.

Sydal put Rhodes in the ring and got the crossbody, but Rhodes rolled through. He applied the Texas Cloverleaf, but didn’t sit down on it to keep Sydal in place, meaning he got the ropes. Dogg called the play for Rhodes from the sheet of Arn Anderson, a snapmare into the kick. Issue is, Snoop Dogg won’t berate Rhodes for wasting time doing pushups like Arn does. Rhodes got a scoop slam and a running knee drop, but Sydal came back with an enziguri in the corner.

Cody Rhodes Takes The Cues From Snoop Dogg

The hard kick to the leg dropped Rhodes, and let Sydal hit the standing Sky-Twister, and Jim Ross complained Sydal wasn’t big enough to make maximum impact, making no sense. Jericho was just upset that Sydal once beat him on PPV. Rhodes retook control for a reverse Superplex, but was unable to make the cover in time to get the win. He’d go up top, but you don’t fly with Sydal. Rhodes was cut out of the sky, hit with a jumping high knee and the Flying Sydal Press was set.

The knees got up in time, Rhodes considered the Cross Rhodes but got the reverse DDT instead. Sydal got the grounded Cobra Clutch we saw him perfect in Ring of Honor, but Rhodes fought free. The disaster kick landed flush, but the Vertebreaker didn’t. Sydal got the hurricanrana into the pinfall, a high kick and Lightning Sprial for the near fall. Rhodes dodged a jumping high knee, nailed two Cross Rhodes and this one was through.

After the match, Luther & Serpentico attacked Rhodes & Sydal over the attack earlier. Luther was taken out first, before they let Snoop Dogg hit a splash off the top rope onto Serpentico for the three count! This wasn’t an official match, but let’s consider Snoop Dogg 1-0 in AEW, because that’s just really cool.

These two are incredibly solid wrestlers, but Sydal has been missing his steps in AEW. He’s not as smooth as he once was with his agility moves, yet makes up for with improved submission skills. Rhodes meanwhile just gets better and better. Match Ratings: 3.75/5 (*** ¾)

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