AEW New Years Smash Results: Eddie Kingston vs. PAC

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While PAC was stuck in the UK, Eddie Kingston took his role of leading the Lucha Bros. He would even try to break them up, all for his own amusement. However, PAC wasn’t gone forever and restored order by reforming the Death Triangle.

Fenix & Penta are the only two men PAC respects in AEW, and no one messes with them. PAC has beaten Butcher, he’s beaten Blade. Now, he finally gets a chance to face Kingston one on one, in a highly anticipated singles meeting.

Eddie Kingston & PAC Tear Into Each Other

As soon as PAC hit the ring, he lept into a front dropkick on Kingston. Kingston rolled to the outside, and PAC dove over the top seconds into this one. PAC would run Kingston into the barricade, send him in the ring and nail some heavy pump kicks to the jaw. Kingston is able to take a beating however, and after the fourth pump kick and a diving dropkick, he was still in this one.

He’d finally start some offense with a chop and a knee drop to the back of the head. PAC rolled to the outside, where Bunny clawed at his eyes. Kingston would hit the Exploder Suplex on the outside, an ode to Jun Akiyama, and now this was his time to shine. A big neckbreaker got a one count, and was followed up with some heavy chops. The face of PAC was grinded off the ropes, before entering a slugfest with Kingston and using some kicks before nailing a German Suplex.

PAC Reaches Into His Quiver For A Black Arrow

PAC launched some midkicks to the chest of Kingston, and he’d play possum before coming back with a chop, jumping head kick and backdrop driver combo for a two count. Kingston mouthed off to PAC before going to the middle rope and getting kicked in the head. PAC wanted that top rope superplex, and got it, but Kingston kicked out at two!

Kingston suffered some more kicks to the jaw, before a running uppercut in the corner dropped him into the middle of the ring. Once again, he suckered PAC in and nailed a big lariat as his opponent rushed towards him. Kingston wanted a DDT, but PAC had a firm grip on the top rope and Kingston dropped. PAC went for Black Arrow, and that would end this grudge match.

This was a fast paced and hard hitting match from the very start. There are few men who can sell an asskicking like Eddie Kingston can, and his constant tributes to classic AJPW is hard for me to not always love. This match didn’t dissipoint, even with a lot of hype behind it. Match Rating: 4/5 (****)

After the bell, PAC applied the Brutalizer to send a message to Kingston, but Butcher & The Blade stopped him. Just before a proper brawl broke out, Lance Archer cleared the ring. There’s still a few matches here, and this feud isn’t through yet. Perhaps we get Kingston, Butcher & Blade vs. Death Triangle next? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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