AEW New Years Smash Results: Rey Fenix vs. Kenny Omega [AEW World Championship Match]

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Kenny Omega was able to beat Jon Moxley to become AEW World Champion, but now comes the hard part. He’s got a target on his back and a reputation to uphold, and challengers are coming. To get this reign started, he will face Rey Fenix.

Omega & Fenix has history, namely a match over the AAA Mega Championship in 2019. They were supposed to meet in the World Title Eliminator Tournament, but Fenix got hurt and Omega faced Penta. Now, Omega can prove he would have beaten Fenix on that night, and clear any doubts of his as an Undisputed Champion.

Rey Fenix Shows The Speed Edge

There was a big-match feel for this match before they even locked up. Fenix tried to grab the arm of Omega, but opted for a takedown of the leg instead, but Omega slipped out and stomped the knee. The hammerlock would be countered into a flying mare, but Omega spiked Fenix with a hurricanrana. He wanted to follow up with that Terminator Dive, but Fenix caught him with a hurricanrana of his own, sending Omega outside and faking him out with the dive attempt.

When Omega tried to get back into the ring, he got a boot to the face and a diving hurricanrana. Omega dodged the rolling solebutt in the corner, got the swinging DDT but Fenix flipped out and hit a dropkick. Fenix was cut out of the sky with a big chop to the chest before being run into the barricade. Omega got the snap dragon suplex on the outside of the ring, then drove Fenix off the apron, and backdrop him on the barricade.

Back in the ring, Omega nailed Kotoro Crusher, but only got the two count. Chops were traded in the middle of the ring, with Omega winning out. Fenix landed on his feet off a back suplex, before hitting a springboard headbutt. A rope run hurricanrana was countered by Omega, only to get hit with a dropkick and flying rolling senton through the ropes.

Kenny Omega Gets A Little Help From His Friends

Back in the ring, Omega was nailed with a German Suplex after Fenix flipped over his head for a two count. He followed up with a double stomp to the back of the head, but couldn’t get the pinfall. They traded chops while on their knees in the middle of the ring, slowly rising as the chops got harder. Omega went after the mask, before going back to chops.

The Fisherman Buster was countered by a thrust kick, Omega came back with a V-Trigger, Fenix bouncing back up and getting that kick again. A spinning crossbody was countered with a knee strike, before Omega nailed the powerbomb and V-Trigger for a two count. Another V-Trigger, this time in the ropes stunned Fenix, but he could still counter One Winged Angel with a poison hurricanrana. Don Callis ran a distraction, letting Omega recover and get Fenix with another knee strike, only to come back with a cutter and Fire Thunder Driver for a two count.

Fenix paid tribute to Eddie Guerrero and wanted the frog splash, but Omega got the knees up. Omega caught Fenix out of the sky next with a Tiger Driver ‘98 for a two count. Finally, he would get Fenix up and drop him with the trusty One Winged Angel for the win.

Much like their match in Mexico in 2019, this one absolutely ruled. There was minimal interference from Don Callis, and they had the time to put on a clinic. This is the main event that will measure AEW matches in 2021, and showed why Fenix is so good, but why Omega is better. Match Rating: 4.5/5 (**** ½)

After The Bell…

After the match, Don Callis came into the ring with the microphone, and he always has something to say. Don Callis said that fans will see the end of Rey Fenix’s career, but first we got a backstage view. Kingston, The Butcher, The Blade & The Bunny had Penta El Zero M and PAC isolated. The beatdown would continue, but not if Jon Moxley had anything to say about this.

Moxley hit the ring, and hit Omega with a barbed wire baseball bat. Callis fled, but drew the attention of Moxley, allowing a sneak attack from none other than Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows of Impact Wrestling! Sporting the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championships, Jon Moxley was beat down. Magic Killer landed flush, and it’s clear Bullet Club is finally in AEW.

Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison tried to make the save as Moxley was beat with the barbed wire bat, but were beat down. Everyone at ringside tried to help, but Gallows, Anderson & Omega controlled the ring. Moxley took more shots from that bat he brought to the ring.

The Young Bucks hit the ring, trying to bring order. It’s the first time these five men shared the ring in years, but they’re all on the same page it seems. Omega put up the Too Sweet, Gallows, Anderson & The Young Bucks all hit it as the show went off the air. Bullet Club for life.

Will Bullet Club run AEW in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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