AEW New Years Smash Results: Tay Conti vs. Serena Deeb [NWA Women’s Championship Match]

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Tay Conti is proving to have been an excellent get for AEW, but tonight is perhaps her biggest match yet. She has a chance to win the historic NWA Women’s Championship, but it won’t be easy. Current champion Serena Deeb is more than just a crafty veteran, she’s perhaps the most complete female wrestler on the AEW roster. Conti will need to bring her A-Game tonight, and having Dark Order backing her up might do just that.

Tay Conti Shows Her Deadly Strikes

Conti quickly had her arm snatched by Deeb, and was able to turn it around into an abdominal stretch. Deeb got control back and got a roll up on Conti, before going for a spinning mid kick. Conti is the striker in this match, and took this as an insult, applying a tight knee bar on Deeb before moving into the calf crusher.

Deeb countered out into a reverse chinlock, showing her skills as a professional wrestler before Conti showed her judo skills with a quick throw. Conti was taken back to the mat with a wrist lock, but was able to kip up and looked for a triangle sleeper. Deeb fought this off and set up a sliding lariat for a two count.

She wanted the Deebtox, but Conti countered into a pinfall before nailing the pump kick. This sent Deeb to the outside as we went to the commercial break.

Serena Deeb Is Just That Damn Good

Coming back from the break, Conti was able to get a full nelson into a stunner, before looking for a submission. Deeb countered into a stretch muffler, but Conti got to the bottom rope. The Serenity Lock would have followed, but Conti had this scouted. What she didn’t have scouted was the Dean Malenko style gutbuster from Deeb.

Conti was set up on the top rope, and have the Gory Special applied. Deeb used the full four count, but Conti came back with a pump kick. Conti tried for the TayKO, but Deeb countered and nailed that Deebtox front facebuster for the win.

Tay Conti gets better with every single match, and sometimes you forget she only has three years of experience. This was her biggest match yet, and Deeb helped her look like an absolute star. Conti stayed in the fight until the bitter end, and will be a star someday. Match Rating: 3.25/5 (*** ¼)

Will Serena Deeb become a double champion in 2021 by winning the AEW Women’s Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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