AEW New Years Smash Results: The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers) vs. Danny Limelight & Varsity Blondes

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Last week, The Elite grew once again. After losing Cody Rhodes & Hangman Page, Omega & The Young Bucks were looking like just another trio in the mix again. Enter Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson at the end of last week’s episode, and suddenly The Elite is back on top.

Tonight, Kenny Omega teams with The Good Brothers to remind everyone just how good they are, as Gallows & Anderson make their AEW in ring debuts. The trio of Danny Limelight, & The Varsity Blondes (Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr.) might have a lot more than they can handle on their plates.

This match was going to be Kenny Omega teaming with Young Bucks, but some meddling from Don Callis changed it at the last moment. Omega made his entrance alone, Callis claiming Young Bucks deserved their own entrance, before sending his Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions to the ring instead. Young Bucks weren’t too pleased about this.

Kenny Omega Ensures This Won’t Last Long

The bell would ring, Gallows & Anderson taking on Varsity Blondes on the outside, while Omega focused on Limelight. Limelight got some good shots in on the AEW World Champion, before being nailed with a big boot from Gallows. Varsity Blondes took Gallows over the top rope, and Pillman tagged in and worked with Garrison to isolate the champion. Limelight tagged back in, but he lost control of Omega, taking the Kotaro Crusher.

Karl Anderson tagged in and threw Limelight around, before taking him into the corner before we went to a commercial break. Coming back, Limelight was still being beaten down and was placed on the top rope and hit with chops. He’d walk the ropes and get a hurricanrana on Omega, but missed the enziguri. The German Suplex would be ineffective as Limelight landed on his feet and tagged in Pillman. Air Pillman and a Hart Attack on Karl Anderson got a near fall, but Garrison was picked apart by The Elite.

A triple neckbreaker got a near fall, before Anderson hit the shotgun boot for another. Anderson wanted the Gun Stun, but Garrison slipped away. Limelight came in, but was wiped out with a spinebuster. Magic Killer from The Good Brothers closed this one out.

Jon Moxley Is Outgunned

After the match, Jon Moxley’s music hit and he was fixing for a fight. We know he doesn’t care about the odds, he’s shown that time and time again in AEW. He rushed the ring and went right after Omega, but Gallows & Anderson were the difference makers. Lucha Bros hit the ring and evened the odds, taking the fight to Gallows & Anderson as Moxley attacked Omega.

The locker room would hit the ring to separate Moxley & Omega, but Moxley is hard to control. Young Bucks hit the ring, and they were able to slow things down until Lucha Bros took them out. This broke down into chaos, but Omega & Callis slipped away.

Will Jon Moxley get his rematch with Kenny Omega at AEW Revolution? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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