All Rumours Surrounding The 2021 Royal Rumble 

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The Royal Rumble is probably one of the best stipulations of wrestling. It also comes with some massive rumours, so let’s go through them all and see which becomes true. 

CM Punk 

Let’s start with the least likely. As a recent rumour has said that CM Punk may return in the Royal Rumble. This is a rumour that happens every year and never adds up to another. With Vince McMahon recently saying he never wants to work with CM Punk again. There is very little hope that we will see CM Punk in a WWE ring again. Although we can never say never in wrestling. 

Jay White

Now we start with the second most unlikely, this being Jay White. With him recently announcing his departure from NJPW. Although this does look like a work due to appearing on a poster for a future NJPW event. 

The Fiend

After the Fiend apparently burnt alive. It feels like his return will be at any point. It may be at the Royal Rumble. Although it might not be the best place for a being like the Fiend to return. The Undertaker did take part in the Royal Rumble. So it’s not out of the question.  

Golden couple return: Seth Rollins/Becky Lynch 

It would kind of be sad to see both of these return so early to ring. After just having their first child. It is being rumoured though. The big rumour is for Seth Rollin to return but there are a few around suggesting Becky Lynch will also return. Maybe if it’s just for the one PPV. 

Ronda Rousey / Brock Lesnar  

It looks like WWE are trying to bring big stars back to bulk up their Wrestlemania. Some of the biggest stars arguably are Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar. Although all these could really ruin Wrestlemania rather than save it. It seems likely that these two will join the Royal Rumble and maybe even win it. 

Terrible finish

There are also rumours of a terrible Royal Rumble finish. Although, we have nothing confirmed or mentioned. Wrestlevotes reported that something really bad is being thought of for a finish. The worst thing I can think of is either an old Legend winning that doesn’t need a win. Or Brock Lesnar being at the 30 spot and winning. This being the worst possible scenario. 

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