Are AEW, Impact Wrestling And NJPW Gearing Up For A Bullet Club Vs. Bullet Club Match?

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It looks like Kenny Omega is forming the old school Bullet Club of when he was the leader. After the Hard to Kill PPV where Kenny Omega, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows all coming in Bullet Club Gear.

It really feels like if the current Bullet Club were actually annoyed at this, they wouldn’t actually do it. As it has been said that they are still close friends. Then there is also the fact that NJPW and AEW do have a slight working relationship.

With Jericho and Jon Moxley appearing on NJPW. When they were both under contract with AEW. It does seem like signs are pointing for the current Bullet Club to join the fight. This would definitely do what NJPW wants as well.

As they want to jump into the American Market. A feud like this could be the backbone of that. They launch their TV NJPW Strong in America where a couple of Bullet members have appeared so we might be seeing this earlier rather than later. 

Is Jay White really on his way to attack Kenny Omega? 

It seems like if they were planning a Bullet Club Vs. Bullet Club they would need the leader. That would mean that they would need him on TV for a bit. This means that he could be on his way to America to be on TV and quarantining for a certain amount of time before his debut. It seems like there are also members of the Bullet Club in America.

Like Kenta and others are currently wrestling on NJPW Strong. Where a lot of the American talent are currently wrestling. It seems like this could be building up to a current Bullet Club invasion of AEW.

This involves Kenta attacking Jon Moxey as he wants his IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship. There are also a lot of mentions of NJPW in AEW and Impact. It does feel like it’s leading to a three brand crossover very soon. 

Or could be a year in the making? 

There is also the fact that both NJPW and AEW love their long term booking. This could mean that we could be waiting for a year for this story to play out. Maybe after the Pandemic where traveling between both Japan and America will be easier.

That being said, if Jay White is the starting point of this feud they can’t keep him off of TV for a year. There is also the fact that the contract might go up and we don’t know. That is very unlikely as it seems like he has a couple of years left on his contract.

After multiple sources have mentioned. It feels like we will know after the Royal Rumble on what is happening with Jay White. If he does just appear back on NJPW for a story there or he is in quarantine, so he can get to America.

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