Are Impact And AEW Gearing Up For A Full Crossover PPV? 

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We have now had three big crossovers between AEW and Impact Wrestling. With the Good Brother coming to AEW and Kenny Omega and Private Party going to Impact Wrestling. Both were massive surprises and lit the wrestling industry on fire. This doesn’t seem to be the end, looking at the poster for Rebellion having the Kenny Omega logo on it.

This does seem like Kenny Omega will be a big part of this PPV. It could be that he will go up against the Impact champion and win it. If that happens, it feels like something even bigger is happening with a recent trademark AEW has just filed called Battle of Belts.

That is speculated to be a crossover episode of AEW Vs. Impact. It looks like there is a crossover PPV ls in the works.

Remnants of NJPW and ROH PPV’s 

This could look like how NJPW and ROH worked their PPV together. With events like the G1 and other PPVs combining both rosters. This was a way to get NJPW seen by American audiences but there is no surprise that AEW are doing the same kind of thing.

As most VP’s of the company were signed with ROH and NJPW. As it seems like this crossover is taking inspiration from that but maybe giving each company slightly more freedom. With a lot of wrestlers most likely having big championship matches between both brands.

Most likely ending with one wrestler from another company holding the opposing companies belt in the near future. 

Will NJPW be involved in this? 

There seems to be some heat between both AEW, Impact with NJPW. This does seem to be a work. With AEW mentioning a lot of different NJPW wrestlers over the last couple of months. Also the fact that AEW wrestlers are able to wrestle in NJPW.

This is starting to look like we could be on the way to a NJPW, AEW and Impact Wrestling PPV in the near future. As there is starting to tease matches between G.O.D Vs. Good Brothers and also a Bullet Club Vs. Bullet Club match. AEW is good at long term storylines and this could be a golden one.

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