Boxing News: Anthony Joshua And Tyson Fury To Receive £100 Million Each For Massive Unification Bout

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There is a sense that the official announcement of the heavyweight title unification bout between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury is getting closer by the day. According to the latest rumours that have been circulating online, it has been rumoured that both fighters are set to receive £100 million each for the unification fight.

There have also been unconfirmed reports that the fight is set to happen in the Middle East in the spring. That would certainly be a disappointment to some fans, as there was hope that the fight would have been taking place in the United Kingdom, where both fighters call home.

Boxing News: Eddie Hearn Admits Deal Is Close

Eddie Hearn revealed in his recent comments that talks between the two heavyweight champions are coming to a close, and that both fighters are set to receive ‘Mayweather Money’ for agreeing to the fight. It was always likely to be a money-spinning fight for all involved, as the demand to see both fighters go head-to-head is massive.

Talks about the unification bout have been ongoing for years, with both fighters constantly asked about fighting each other before major fights that they had upcoming. Joshua revealed before his most recent fight that he was forced to be mentally strong, as the talk about a unification fight was overpowering the build-up to his defence. However, there now looks to be no doubt that we will be seeing Joshua and Fury going head to head at some place and venue this calendar year.

Boxing News: Huge Hurdle Cleared

The latest reports have come quickly after it was revealed that a huge hurdle was cleared in the discussions between the two fighters. That hurdle was the stance made by the WBO, who have finally stepped down from urging the reigning champion to defend their title against the mandatory challenger. That back-up from the organiser means that the only thing that could get in the way of the unification fight now is one of the demands of the fighters.

That looks to be an unlikely issue, as both Joshua and Fury have publicly called for the fight to be sanctioned. Hearn revealed that the talks planned between the two teams have centred on a two-fight contact between the fighters, which means that there could also be a re-match later in the year.

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