Can Kevin Owens Finally Beat Roman Reigns At Royal Rumble?

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In the last few months, Roman Reigns has faced one of his most determined rivals in Kevin Owens. They’ve waged wars in a Tables, Ladders and Chair match and Steel Cage match, with Reigns barely leaving with his Universal Championship both times. Reigns thought he got away from KO when Adam Pearce somehow won a gauntlet match to become number one contender.

However, when Pearce got the contract ready, Reigns had his manager Paul Heyman sign it without him reading it. Now, he’s got one more date with Kevin Owens, this time in a Last Man Standing match! Could this finally be Owens’ match to win?

Kevin Owens Has Shown Amazing Resilience In Recent Matches

In both the TLC & Steel Cage matches, it came down to Jey Uso as the reason Owens lost. He’d be pulled off the ladder while Reigns climbed, or be handcuffed to the cell. But after both of these matches, Owens was still able to get up on his own. Reigns might have retained, but it’s hard to say he truly beat Owens down.

Now, that’s the way to win the match. Reigns has all but killed Owens over the past few months, yet he gets back up. Owens doesn’t know the word quit, just look at his 2016 Last Man Standing Match with Dean Ambrose (now Jon Moxley) to see how much it took to keep him down.

Would WWE Have Roman Reigns Beat Owens Three Times In A Row?

Another reason this might be the night for Owens to win, is that if the intent is to build him back up as a main event star? It wouldn’t be a good look to have him drop three big matches in a row. We haven’t seen Owens win a big match in years, yet he’s remained a popular name all the same. However, fans will give up on hope of him being a main event player if he’s beaten once again at Royal Rumble.

The moment feels right. It might not be a long reign for Owens, he could lose it at the next PPV or even next episode of Smackdown Live, but this is a must win match for the reputation of Kevin Owens. Either way, the coming match between Owens & Reigns promises to be nothing short of incredible, but who do you think is going to win? Roman Reigns or Kevin Owens? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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