Ethan Page Is Now A Free Agent, Has Parted Ways With Impact Wrestling

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Leading up to the end of 2020, it was well known that Ethan Page’s contract with Impact Wrestling was coming to an end. He kept everyone well informed on this, getting ahead of rumors. But while Sami Callihan would sign a new deal with Impact Wrestling, Page did not, and will start 2021 as perhaps the hottest free agent on the market. What could be next for Ethan Page?

Page Proved Himself As A Top Player In Impact Wrestling

Whatever promotion that Page calls home next, he will be certain to get a higher role after his excellent time in Impact Wrestling. While things got off to a rocky start with Page cast as “Chandler Park”, once he debuted under his usual name of Ethan Page? Things improved. A partnership with Matt Sydal got him to Bound for Glory, and things got really good in 2019.

The moment his old partner Josh Alexander showed up to form The North, Impact Wrestling had it’s tag team division put on notice. We would go on to see some of the best work in Pages career, as The North would have a 380 day reign as champions, only being stopped by a returning Motor City Machine Guns! Either Page or Alexander could have moved right into the World Title picture after that reign, and few would have questioned it.

Could Ethan Page Be Making His Way To WWE?

While many saw Page sticking with Impact Wrestling, reports indicate that a deal couldn’t be reached there. The next most common prediction for Page was NXT, and with him trying to sell off as much of his old merchandise as possible before 2020 ended, before pulling the remaining stock? That could be his next destination.

Joining WWE would likely mean Page has to slow down working the indies, including Alpha-1 Wrestling which he owns, but he could easily become a major player in NXT. He wouldn’t have to give up Alpha-1, as Tyler Bate & Trent Seven still run their promotion, Attack Wrestling in the UK. Page simply wouldn’t wrestle there anymore.

With someone as sharp as Ethan Page, anything could be possible. He could have already signed a deal, and is just waiting for the right moment to announce it. Where do you see Ethan Page landing in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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