Fantasy Booking Dark Orders Future 

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After the passing of the late great Exalted one, Brody Lee. We start looking at how Dark Order is going to continue after the Legend Brodie Lee. The Dark Order has been through a lot of different adaptations.

This time around to respect the loss, they should be the biggest baby faces in the company gearing of the back of Jon Silver. They are in the books to have Adam Page join the faction next week. It looked like originally this would have been a heel turn for him but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

After this they shouldn’t be in the hiring business as it feels very heel. They then focus on building the faction as a dominant force on AEW and appearing on Dynamite to start pushing them up the card. 

A cult of faces

They need to start building to main eventers as the good guys. This could mean that starting from the bottom does seem likely. Although Adam Page does seem to be a good step to be pt in the main event.

As he can easily be put into PPV matches if the feud is there. At the moment, Dark Order haven’t had many feuds. So that has to start sooner rather than later and it seems like their next feud is staring us right in the face. 

Taken down the heel factions of AEW

Looking at the current roster there are a lot of heel fractions about. With FTW, Inner Circles and now Kenny Omega’s Bullet Club. Their first major feud as faces should be the Inner Circle. With them currently having no ongoing feuds.

Except for themselves as they have started fighting each other. After next week’s episode, if they’re not breaking up. With them being one of the top heel factions going up against the Dark Order seems like a good step forward.

Then beating them and after this Inner Circle could break up and maybe bring a member over to the Dark Order afterwards. After this, depending on where the new Kenny Omega Bullet Club is, they should definitely feud with them. This time around, it doesn’t matter who wins but it does lead up to a rematch between both Hangman and Omega two PPV from now.  

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