Has Trey Miguel Signed Back With Impact Wrestling As Suicide? 

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In a recent episode of Impact Wrestling, we had the tag team of Manik’s and Suicide. The confusion here is the fact that Suicide is meant to be Manik. Meaning who is now the new Suicide. Suicide was unmask a few weeks ago but tunred out to be Crazy Steve.

It doesn’t seem like it is him this time around to due him being on the same episode with Rosemary. This is why it could be the former member of The Rascalz stable; Trey Miguel. As he hasn’t been seen for a while and now with his stablemates in NXT going by the name of MSK without Trey Miguel. 

What is next for Trey Miguel? 

We haven’t heard anything about Trey Miguel for a while now. It was reported that he might not be joining NXT like the other members of the Rascalz. Since the end of his contract we haven’t seen him much. Especially when taking into account that Impact has been pre recorded for a while now.

There are a lot of places Trey Miguel could go but if he was going to stay at Impact. Going after X Division Championship champion would be the best way to start his push as a single wrestler. Meaning that him as Suicide could be the best way for him to get into that picture going up against Rohit Raju for the championship in the future. Although currently he is not booked for the belt at the Hard to Kill PPV. 

Is Suicide and Manik a long term tag team?

There have been a lot of different variations of Suicide but these two working together worked well. Now that Impact has lasted a lot of tag teams over the past couple of months. With the North and both Cody Dean and Cousin Jake breaking up.

A new tag team might be needed to fill up the tag team roster of Impact Wrestling. Both Suicide and Manik could make a fantastic team that if built could realistically take on the Good Brother in the future. We could also see Lucha Bros appear on Hard to Kill this week but that is an article for another time. 

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