Hiroshi Tanahashi’s Views On Daniel Bryan 

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Most likely two of the best wrestlers on the planet are Hiroshi Tanahashi and Daniel Bryan. Some may argue that Daniel Bryan may be underrated due to his weird time in WWE. Looking at his time there, he has some amazing entertainment as both Face and Heel. With him now having more pulls behind closed doors.

He also talked about retiring and focusing more on his family. No other than the Ace of NJPW; Hiroshi Tanahashi has some kind words to say about Daniel Bryan. In the latest addition of Aces high, he went back to 2004 and talked about his match with Daniel Bryan. 

What Hiroshi Tanahashi had to say about Daniel Bryan: 

“I remember that match, in Kobe World Hall! Danielson was just such a wrestler’s wrestler. To the very model; an orthodox opening, moving onto rope work, progressively bringing in bigger moves. He’s younger than me, but I was able to learn so much by wrestling him. He’s great. A smaller guy, but so strong, put together, and an expert on the mat. He wholly deserved to be a top guy.”

It is amazing how much he learned from a young Daniel Bryan. We don’t have a response from Daniel Bryan but there is no doubt that this must put a smile on his face. 

Could we ever see a rematch?

It looks to be very unlikely that we will ever see these two wrestle again. We can never say never in wrestling as Daniel Bryan is thinking about retirement. Although he could also be wanted to try out some other companies before his retirement. With maybe going back to NJPW at some point for his own retirement, that he wouldn’t get with WWE.

Then there’s AEW that lets their wrestlers go to NJPW. So maybe that will work the other way. AEW has an easier schedule to work around and we could see Tanahashi there at some point. Meaning that maybe this year or not year we could see both under the same brand. There is also the fact that a wrestler like Daniel Bryan might want to go on a retirement like Thunder Liger.

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