Impact Wresting Results (1/12) – Rohit Raju and Chris Bey Defeated Manik and Suicide by Pinfall

Bey hit the Art of Finesse on Suicide for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results think this is going to be an awesome match, and could be the match of the night with the skill in the ring. It’s going to be so fast, we may need more caffeine to keep up.

Rohit and Bey went right after them, and Bey threw Suicide to the floor and then they focused on Manik.

After a brief argument over how to go after Manik, they hit with kicks, but Suicide tripped Bey in the ropes, then after a quick exchange, Suicide dropped Rohit on bey, and Manik hit a splash.

The masked man caught themselves on the ropes and dropped their opponents to the floor before they were pulled to the floor.

They disappeared under the ring as bey and Rohit were about to leap out, and they appeared and knocked Rohit and Bey out of the ring with dual dropkicks and the dives over the top rope as we headed to commercial.

Finessing it

Back from commercial, the action returned to the ring in a standard tag match and Manik rolled over a sunset flip and into a Boston Crab type of hold, that Rohit broke up.

Suicide came in and both of the Spider-Maned in the ropes, and bey knocked Manik out of the ropes with a dropkick, and Rohit hit a suplex on Suicide while Bey headed to the floor after Manik.

Rohit stomped Suicide and tagged in Bey.

Bey kicked Suicide, and Suicide responded with a couple of shots before Bey hit a kick and a series of knees in the corner before tagging in Rohit.

They alternated slashes, and Rohit hit a cannonball for a near pinfall.

Bey came in and hit an elbow on Suicide, then a reverse suplex for a pin attempt that Suicide reversed. Bey then hit a dropkick.

Rohit came in and hit Suicide with a kick, and hit a neckbreaker, but Suicide landed on his feet out of a front face suplex, and he flipped Rohit into the corner.

Bey and Manik came in, and Manik hit a crossbody off the top rope, and followed it with a double knee and a Go to Sleep before he sent Rohit to the floor,

Suicide tagged in as Manik hit a dive on Rohit on the floor, and Suicide hit a couple of dropkicks before he locked in an octopus on Bey and Manik did the same to Rohit so he couldn’t break up the hold.

Rohit managed to pull Bey out of the hold and into him and Manik to break the holds.

Rohit kicked Suicide but ran into a shot to the midsection. Bey nailed Suicide with a knee, and Manik dropped Bey with a kick.

Manik slipped out of Rohit’s hold, and Rohit hit a jumping knee and tried to unmask Manik, which allowed Suicide to hit him with a kick.

Bey hit an Art of Finesse on Suicide for the win.

For the record, this was insanely fast and awesome. They were awesome.

Backstage, Valkyrie and Rosemary mulled over how Valkyrie lost and Rosemary promised she’d take care of it on Saturday, then told Valkyrie to prepare for her title match.

So, Rosemary has a plan. Impact Wrestling Results can’t wait to see what it is. This could be fun.

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