Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill Preview (1/16) – Hardcore Heaven – Old School Rules – Eric Young, Joe Doering, and Cody Deaner vs. Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, and Cousin Jake; Barbed Wire Massacre – Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan

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Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill Preview is looking forward to what has become an annual event at a pay-per-view lately, and that’s a Old School/Hardcore match involving Tommy Dreamer.

This one has so many storylines and possibilities running through it that we can’t wait for the action to get underway.

The only downside to this is it’s going to be chaos at its best with bodies flying everywhere along with various weapons and carnage.

It’ll be like watching ECW twenty plus years ago when Dreamer faced off with the likes of Raven, the Sandman, New Jack, and others.

As much as Eric Young has emphasized that it’s his, Cody, and Doering’s world, this match is Tommy Dreamer’s universe, and we think it’ll get ugly before it gets better.

There’s always a chance they try to hold this as an actual tag team match, but we don’t see that lasting for more than a minute or two.

What’s going to be really fun is seeing Rhino and Doering go toe to toe with everything that’s not nailed down, but in the end Doering will be the difference maker.

He’s too much of a beast and after leveling Rhino with a single clothesline on Tuesday it may take the entire team to get him down.

But the lack of rules could help Dreamer’s team as well as there’s a chance Heath could run in and help them steal a victory.

That depends on Heath’s health and whether or not he’ll be cleared to participate.

Even with his help, will it be enough to turn the tide?

Barbed Wire Massacre – Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan

Not to be outdone, Hardcore Heaven will continue as Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan continue their three year feud with the fourth Barbed Wire Massacre match in Impact Wrestling history.

Callihan has made a living out of torturing and tormenting Edwards at every opportunity, and this will be a fitting end to their feud.

If they really call it quits.

Callihan had challenged Edwards to their match this past Tuesday to be the final one in their feud, but as we can see, that’s not the case.

Add to it that Ken Shamrock is floating around somewhere waiting to attack unless he’s neutralized early on and this could become a battle for survival for Edwards.

Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill Preview thinks Callihan will come close to winnings thanks to Shamrock as they attempt to injure Edwards so he’ll have to contemplate his career similar to Rich Swann and Eric Young.

But Edwards is the heart and soul of Impact Wrestling, so we’re confident he’ll find a way to defeat Callihan and end their feud for the time being.

However it goes, we have no doubt we’ll never get tired of seeing these two go at it for years to come.

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